New Yorkers are famous for being well-dressed strolling around downtown Manhattan. Just because most people in New York manage to look stylish, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

A man’s wardrobes is more basic than women’s with fewer silhouettes and accessories which means each piece has to speak more for itself. Now that spring is here we are looking forward to shedding our overcoats and leaping into new fashion for the season.

These are our New York City Male Spring ‘Must Have’ top pics this year. Buy them all with a GiftBar gift card of choice.

1. This “Icons T-shirt” from Genuine Motorworks is cool, simple, and light.

2. This Salvador Dali watch from Brooklyn’s Stewart/Stand Design Store is very funky, and we love that the hands of the watch make up the artist’s moustache.

NY_AccessoriesHomeDecorBoutique_StewartStandDesignStore Credit:

3. Now that all the snow storms are over, it’s time to brace ourselves for rainy weather. This navy-colored rain jacket from Seize Sur Vingt is about as classy as rain jackets get.

NY_MensClothingBoutique_SeizeSurVingt Credit: Seize Sur Vingt

4. Seize Sur Vingt also has a great selection of suit jackets and pants in beautiful spring colors. This yellow cotton jacket is the boldest and brightest.

NY_MensClothingBoutique_SeizeSurVingt Credit: Seize Sur Vingt

5. It takes a certain kind of man to pull off a hat. For the man stylish enough to work it, Genuine Motorworks has a great hat selection. This Bailey Crosby straw fedora is a spring time must-have.

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