Kara with her three little darlings.
Kara with her three little darlings.

With Mother’s Day just an eyelash bat’s away, it feels like the prime time to reveal the other side of Giftbar’s ultra-inspiring founders, Kara Kaplan and Jennifer Morris. You know – the mom side.

It’s true: when our two leading ladies aren’t kicking entrepreneurial butt and hobnobbing with the forces behind the country’s coolest boutiques, they’re raising the most adorable little kiddies.

Without further adieu, here’s what Kara and Jennifer have to say about the upcoming holiday, and motherhood itself.

What’s the coolest part of being a mom?
Kara Kaplan: There are so many things, but being able to view the world again through my kids’ eyes is amazing. Experiencing that first trip to Disney, ballet recital, time up to bat… it really let’s you relive your own childhood with a completely different perspective.

Jennifer Morris: Every day, I get front row access to a comedy show hosted by my daughter.

Tell us some great advice you’ve gotten from your mother.
KK: Like any good mother, my mom has probably given me too much advice over the years! Some that stick out and always seem to ring true are, “it is always better to over-dress than under-dress”, and “never give up on your dreams.” Without her telling me the latter over and over, Giftbar may never have become a reality.

JM: Prayer and humility go a long way in business.

What is one of your most standout Mother’s day memories?
KK: Once my kids tried to surprise me on Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed, which consisted of a tiny bowl of cereal, uncooked bacon, one strawberry, and a tiny glass of milk. It was so cute that they tried to make it themselves.

JM: The first time I was able to officially celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom.

Jennifer sharing her daughter's first Halloween.
Jennifer sharing her daughter’s first Halloween.

What’s on tap for this Mother’s Day?
KK: I plan to sleep in – maybe breakfast in bed if I’m lucky – and then just hang with my family all day.

JM: Work out and plant flowers with my daughter… And hopefully get breakfast in bed.

Let’s talk gifts… What is the best Mother’s Day present you’ve given?
KK: One year we gave my mom a digital photo album. She keeps it in her kitchen and it constantly rotates photos of her kids and grandchildren. I know she loves waking up to that every morning and seeing our faces, especially since we all live out of town.

JM: I gave my mom a fabulous pair of shoes – just so happens that we share the same shoe size…

And what would you love to receive?
KK: I think any gift my kids or husband gives me would be appreciated. As a working mom, it’s just nice to be recognized by them. In a dream world though, a spa vacation* would be nice!

JM: Seriously, a very generous gift card** to any one of our merchants (hint, hint, Brian)!

*Editor’s note no. 1: Last-minute shopping for a mom like Kara? Pamper her with a gift card for a day at Chicago’s Ambra Salon & European Spa oasis, or for NYC ladies, Haven Spa, the luxe urban retreat.

**Editor’s note no. 2: Sounds like Jennifer is up for some serious indulging. We bet a gift card for something sumptuous at Chicago’s Ami Ami boutique, or NYC’s Treasure and Bond would totally hit the spot.


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