It’s impossible to shop for men. At least that’s how it can sometimes feel. It’s different when you’re shopping for a woman. A woman would just about always love another piece of jewelry or a chic handbag. It’s not always so easy to come up with something for a man, especially if you’re looking to surprise him out of the blue.

Maybe the man in your life is not big on birthday or holiday presents. This doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy of a surprise every now and then. The only problem is, you need to come up with something that’s not too run of the mill. Depending on the recipient, you probably don’t want to purchase anything that has to do with any projects around the house.

In need of some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the special man in your life? You’ve come to the right place. Check out these suggestions to make any husband, father, boyfriend or brother feel appreciated any day of the year.

The Denim Lounge (Chicago, IL)

If you have a trendy boyfriend or a brother who thinks of himself as a hipster, a gift card to Chicago’s The Denim Lounge could be the perfect out of the blue surprise. Your guy will find all the latest trends in denim here. They also have a unique feature at their shop: the butt cam. This way your guy can make sure his rear looks good in those new denim duds.

Alton Lane (New York, NY)

Maybe the man in your life isn’t too into casual apparel. Perhaps he’s more of a career guy. If that’s the case, a gift card to Alton Lane will make his day. Alton Lane offers men an old-school shopping experience when looking for suit styles that work best for them. There’s nothing one style or one size fits all here. Every suit is custom designed and fitted.

Sterling & Burke (Washington D.C.)

Maybe you’ve noticed your man’s briefcase is looking a little worn these days. Both his birthday and the holidays are a long ways away. You know that first impressions matter down to the last detail. Polished, sophisticated accessories matter just as much as a tailored power suit.

Surprise your career guy with a gift card to Sterling & Burke. Briefcases here are all hand-stitched and are the perfect finishing touch for the lawyer or businessman in your life.

‘Giftbar of Choice’

You know you want to do something special for the man in your life, but you are not exactly sure what. Maybe you aren’t sure if he wants a new suit or he’d rather try an environmentally sound coffee. Treat him to the ‘Giftbar of Choice.’ This allows your father, husband, boyfriend or brother to choose from any of Giftbar’s carefully curated merchants. That’s a choice he will certainly appreciate.

If you’ve decided you want to surprise the special man in your life with a gift, there are plenty of gifting options available. Whether the recipient of your surprise is looking for timeless sophistication or something more relaxed, you’re covered with these gift ideas.

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