Do you know someone who has a sweet tooth? She just loves to have a piece of chocolate. Or maybe every once in a while she indulges in a cookie or brownie with that afternoon coffee?

Why not treat that sweets lover to a gift card to help ease that aching sweet tooth whenever it happens to crop up? Here’s a list of some indulgent places to treat that sweet loving friend of yours.

Chocovivo (Los Angeles, CA)
If she’s a die-hard chocoholic, she will be thanking you over and over if you give her a gift card to Chocovivo. This is true artisan chocolate. This Los Angeles based company uses lava stones to stone grind their chocolate. This is how chocolate was made 2000 years ago!

ChocoVivo produces chocolate from bean to bar, meaning they have a hand in every aspect of the chocolate making process. Chocolate is freshly stone ground each week. There is no comparison between this and other chocolates. It’s truly handcrafted.

Modern Bite (Burbank, CA)
If your friend is into more than just artisanal chocolates… say she likes cookies, brownies and cake… then a gift card to Modern Bite in Burbank, CA is sure to satisfy her sweet tooth. Not only do the sweet treats here taste great, but they are stylish, too!

Want to give your sweet-craving friend a couple suggestions? Tell her to try Modern Bite’s Toffee Peanut Pretzel Cookies. Or maybe the Luscious Fudge Brownies. Really, she can’t go wrong with any of the treats offered here.

The Goddess and Grocer (Chicago, IL)
Don’t just think this Chicago market is for scrumptious deli sandwiches and fresh salads. Oh no, the sweet lover in your life will rejoice if she’s given a gift card for The Goddess and Grocer.

Here a wide array of desserts are offered, perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or a sweet weekend treat. She’ll be able to choose from such confections as giant cookies, Goddess cupcakes and mini cupcakes, brownies, dessert bars and cakes.

Society Fair (Alexandria, VA)
Society Fair can best be described as a “lifestyle food market.” In addition to a sit down restaurant they also offer a market, butcher and even a bakery. This isn’t just any bakery. This is the sweet lover’s paradise.

This Alexandria, VA mainstay offers an assortment of cakes, pies, tarts, pastries, cookies and their famous Fair Lady Cake Pops. Anyone with an aching sweet tooth is unlikely to walk out of here with just one sweet treat.

Give your friend the opportunity to satisfy her aching sweet tooth with one of these gift card ideas. Whether she loves, chocolates, cookies, cakes or pastries, she’s sure to find something satisfying at one of these merchants.

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