At this point in the month, you’ve either booked a flight to NYC to sit front row at Fashion Week, or you haven’t… We haven’t either. But is it REALLY the worst thing since crop tops found their way back into our closets that we aren’t attending? Probably not, because now, we can tuck our pajama pants into our wooly socks, lie on the couch with a glass of wine, and drool over the latest collections from our iPads. No blowout or heels needed. (Now that’s what I call Fashion Week). These Giftbar home-ies know all about getting cozy this fall — from throw pillows, to throw blankets, to throwing yourself onto the couch. Now if only Starbucks could deliver those PSLs straight to our long-awaiting (and finally dark-polished) fingertips.

Jayson Home — Chicago

For the one who craves pumpkin-spiced everything — whether edible or inedible. The Birdseye Throw is made of cashmere and wool AND has fringe. So basically just imagine your favorite fall scarf, but bigger and softer and not bundled tightly around your neck. You can’t necessarily wear the blanket outside (unless you really want to make a statement), but we can’t imagine a time this autumn that you won’t be bundled up indoors.

Birdseye Throw | $98 Birdseye Throw | $98

Nest Casa — Miami

For the one who is actually attending Fashion Week and not just wallowing on the couch waiting for new episodes of Scandal. (Maybe it’s just us, but Olivia Pope makes missing the runway shows in exchange for popcorn and a vat of red wine seem a little more glamorous). Moving on. The Kajaal Travel Cashmere Blanket Kit is pure luxury, perfect for the traveling trendsetter who follows the shows from New York, to London, to Milan, Paris, and back. The cashmere throw comes with a leather travel pouch that allows it to double as a pillow during layovers and prevents those embarrassing “tripping over yourself as you try to gather everything you carried on to the plane” moments.

Kajaal Travel Cashmere Blanket Kit | $1,845 Kajaal Travel Cashmere Blanket Kit | $1,845


Gramercy Home — Atlanta

For the one who always hosts the Bachelor viewing parties and consequently has to add “please stop stealing all of my blankets, girls” to the invites. The Celine Throw from Gramercy can be monogrammed, so besides combining a herringbone weave with a soft brushed cotton, this blanket can be instantly recognized (and reclaimed) the next time your gal pal hosts a dinner party of her own. Plus, the colors are really pretty, the fabric is really cozy, and when has a monogram ever NOT made something better? Absolutely never.

Sferra | Celine Throw | $81 Sferra | Celine Throw | $81


Cadeau — Nashville

For the one who’s read this far into the blog and is thinking: “OK, so these throws are pretty awesome, but what am I supposed to do with my head?” When you’re snuggled up on the couch catching up on the latest Fashion Week shows, a nap is pretty much inevitable… so you’ll need a stylish throw pillow to go with that super-soft throw blanket. Say throw again. (Throw). The First Lady Needlepoint Throw Pillow by Jonathan Adler features a Jackie O’ design that would make any fashion lover want to rest her head. After all, who better to spend Fashion Week with than one of the most iconic of icons?

Jonathan Adler | First Lady Needlepoint Throw Pillow | $165 Jonathan Adler | First Lady Needlepoint Throw Pillow | $165


Red Barn Mercantile — D.C.

For the one in denial about the impending change in temperature. With the falling leaves come falling temps, and a lot of us are left shouting, “Hello? Sunshine??” This throw pillow from Red Barn Mercantile lets you rest your pretty little head while you dream of sunnier places — likely sipping on a margarita with sand between your toes. Sure it’s just a dream, but at least this super stylish pillow is real.

Hello Sunshine Pillow | $150 Hello Sunshine Pillow | $150


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