It’s safe to say you probably know at least one person who could really benefit from an hour or a day at a really good spa. Plenty of people in your life are rushing around taking care of kids, pets, spouses on top of working what feels like a zillion hours!

Giving someone the gift of pampering seems like a luxurious, indulgent thing to do. The recipient can take some time to herself and unwind while being treated to some much needed pampering.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary, thank you or just because gift, a spa gift card really can be the perfect present. Still, if you yourself don’t frequent a spa… or you’re trying to turn someone else on to the pleasures of the spa… you may need some help picking out just the right spa.

Here are Giftbar’s top 5 tips for picking out the perfect spa gift card:

1. Consider the recipient
Make sure when you’re picking out a spa, you’re selecting something the recipient would be into. Just because you like facials and deep tissue massages, doesn’t mean she necessarily will. Try and figure out what sort of treatment she’d love to have.

Maybe it’s even a trip to the salon for a new haircut! Consider a gift card to one of these hair salons for a new ‘do that will have her feeling revitalized for weeks to come:

2. Choose a specific treatment
For the friend or family member you know well, it may be more thoughtful to give a gift card for a specific treatment, rather than a blanket dollar amount. If that’s not an option, at least give her a suggestion of which treatment you think would help her feel totally relaxed.

3. Proximity is key
A big part of giving a spa gift card is the relaxation you want the recipient to feel. If they have to drive far away to use your gift card, that sort of defeats the purpose. Select a spa that’s close to her home, so she’ll spend more time being pampered and less time behind the wheel.

4. Bring the spa to her
If you’re really not sure how the recipient would react to a spa gift card (maybe she’s never been before or not expressed any interest in a spa), then bring a little luxury to her at home. Put together a gift basket or collection of products meant to allow her to pamper herself at home.

Check out some of these beauty and wellness shops, perfect for home pampering:

5. Don’t be late!
If you’re giving a spa gift for a specific occasion (such as a birthday, anniversary or even holiday), make sure it gets to the recipient on time. That’s what makes a Giftbar spa gift card such a perfect gift. Giftbar gift cards are emailable, so you can have it show up in her inbox whenever you want.

Here are a couple great spa gift card options that will always arrive on time:

Follow these tips and you’re sure to select the perfect spa gift card (or some luxurious bath items for her to enjoy at home) to help anyone relax and feel ultra pampered!

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