Summers in Chicago are all about boating on the lake, destination vacas, and boozy brunches every Sunday with gals (ahem… actually this one happens all year long). The only downside? The constant stress of deadlines, endless meetings after meetings, and an ever-full email inbox doesn’t fade with the the cold weather. Let’s all let out a collective sigh, ladies.

There is an upside though… there are plenty of ways for you to get your relaxation on, whether after work or on the oh-so coveted weekends. These are some of our favorite spots to unwind, even if it’s just for a quick mid-day boost (or an entire day of self pampering). No judgments here.

1. Fresh Florals

What could be more relaxing than spotting a fresh bloom in every corner of your home? The aroma would be divine, and a bright, blossoming bouquet is sure to be a mood booster. Chicago’s go-to floral designer, Dilly Lily, has all of your favorite flowers on hand for an easy way to bring some peace to a hectic day at the office. The arrangements also happen to be breathtakingly beautiful.

Dilly Lily Designers Choice | $125

2. Yoga with a View

Some ladies pull out the yoga mat for a fitness break, while some of us tend to get into Shavasana and take a quick nap (oops!). We found a way to both de-stress while keeping our eyes open… yoga on a paddle board with the view of the Chicago skyline. Sign us up, please! Chicago SUP offers total relaxation, but without the guilt of the TV remote in one hand and a drink in the other. You can unwind your mind all while winding up your body in crazy positions — and shaping up for the impending doom of bikini season.

Chicago SUP SUPyo | $35 per class

3. The Ultimate Relaxation

Speaking of having a drink in hand… sometimes, no matter how hard we try to think otherwise, all we want to do is curl up into a ball in front of our TV, turn on Netflix, and savor a glass of our favorite wine. Yes, we feel guilty, but come on! We deserve it sometimes! Our NYC and LA merchant Domaine Somm has the best that wine has to offer, and in our opinion, that’s the ultimate relaxation.

NYC_WineEventsOnlineShop_DomaineSomm06 Domaine Somm

4. Coffee Break

Sometimes we need a bit of relaxation at a time of day when wine may not be the most appropriate… as much as it pains us to admit. But if there’s one thing we urbanite ladies may appreciate just as much as our nightly glass of red, it’s our morning latte. Society Fair in DC has all of your morning essentials for a weekend breakfast with the girls. Whether you take your soy latte with a scone, breakfast sandwich or a cookie — again, this is a judgment-free zone — this eatery has all of the goodies to keep your Saturday morning relaxing… and delicious.

Society Fair Society Fair

5. Bubbles Galore

And for the nights when you need to just shut yourself off from the rest of the world, the answer is always a bubble bath. For the Bostonian gal, Follain is just the spot for all of your relaxation needs. All of the products are healthy, wholesome and totally environmentally friendly — guaranteed to take your soak to a whole new level of serenity. We can already smell the lavender…

Follain 1 Saipua | Lemon Geranium Soap Bar | $10


Follain 2 Organic Bath Co. | Naked Scrub | $27


Follain 3 Herbivore Botanicals | Sea Bath Soak | $28


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