You don’t like waking up early. Neither do we. You can’t get through the eight-hour day without your cup of joe. But you could do without your cubicle neighbor, Joe. (Your desk is not a high hat, bud). Moral of the story: no one enjoys going to work more than pressing snooze and rolling over, but you could make the days a little easier by spreading the love to your well-deserving boss. She has to wake up earlier than you AND put up with Joe’s desk tapping all day. We think she deserves some appreciation, no?

Warning: No one likes a try-hard/kiss-up/goodie-two-shoes. So go for a Giftbar gift card, instead of gifting your boss that $2,000 custom suit. We’re sure you’ll get that promotion either way.

More than a post-it.

Your boss is constantly handing out her business card, sending thank you notes to clients, and leaving messages for you while you were on a coffee run. With a gift card to The Dotted Line in Nashville, she can do all of these things on stylish custom stationery. Way prettier than a post-it. Or an email.

Giftbar | Nashville | The Dotted Line Giftbar | Nashville | The Dotted Line


More than just lunch.

A free lunch is great. Even better? A healthy and delicious lunch. Even better? A healthy and delicious lunch with a side of shopping. Number One is a Dallas boutique that’s part café, part high-end clothing shop, and all-around cool. So while she’s sipping her café au lait and taking a bite of her kale salad, she can flip through a magazine and window shop a bit. Although window shopping will definitely lead to actual shopping, because the collection is just that incredible. We’re sure she won’t mind, though.

Giftbar | Dallas | Number One Giftbar | Dallas | Number One

More than a kiss (the chocolate kind).

Sometimes, weekly Thirsty Thursday happy hours just aren’t going to cut it. Truffles from Vosges Haut-Chocolat, on the other hand, will definitely help to relieve some of the work week stress. Plus, what are the chances she’ll finish the whole box without your help? Actually, if she’s anything like us, the box will be empty before lunch. So make sure she checks her teeth before the client meeting.

Giftbar | Vosges Haut-Chocolat Giftbar | Vosges Haut-Chocolat


More than that suit and tie sh*t.

For your boss, “business meeting” isn’t just an event on his iPhone calendar. It’s a lifestyle. (Seriously, his life is booked with meeting after meeting). Alton Lane will have him fitted in a custom suit, both size and style wise. First, they’ll pour him a scotch, then he’ll choose his fabrics, and then — wait for it — they’ll put him in the 3D body scanner to make sure his suit is literally the perfect fit. Watch out JT, because there’s a new master of the suit and tie coming your way.

Giftbar | Alton Lane Giftbar | Alton Lane


More than a fore. Or less, actually.

More like a hole in one? As you can tell, we just like to drive the cart and brunch afterwards. But if your boss prefers to close a deal on the links, Chicago Style Golf is his kind of place. Whether he needs new clubs, a bit of practice with his swing (if only to impress his colleagues), or a place to watch the latest PGA tourney on his way to the office, he’ll find a way to put your gift to good use.

Giftbar | Chicago | Chicago Style Golf Giftbar | Chicago | Chicago Style Golf


Bonus round.

How about a Giftbar of Choice? It’ll surely kill those business trip blues. Your boss can shop in Miami, eat in Chicago, and relax in New York all with one gift card, which means you can count on a new seating arrangement in your near future. One that puts you far away from tap-happy Joe and closer to the Keurig.


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