It’s mid-August and that means college students are going to be heading to school very soon! If you’re looking for just the right gift for your college bound student (whether this is their first or fourth year), we’ve got some great tips for gift ideas sure to earn you an A!

Give the essentials
The basics may seem a bit boring to give as gifts, but your college student is going to need them. Towels, an extra set of sheets, chic storage options: they’ll all be necessities in her new dorm. Since she’ll need to save all her pennies, it’s a great idea to treat your college bound student to some of the essentials, so she can save her money for other things… like late night pizza runs… oh yea, and textbooks!

Food & Drink
One thing your college bound student is likely always going to be on the hunt for is FREE food and drink. Why not treat her to a little something gourmet! If she must have her cup of morning joe, there’s an option for that as well as gourmet groceries and divine chocolates!

For some Giftbar gourmet goodies, check out these merchants:

Nice bedding
College dorms don’t offer a lot of ways for the college student to express their own style. Really nice bedding may be one of the few ways your college bound student can express herself. Instead of picking out cheap bedding that’s not likely to last through the semester, treat her to bedding that’s a bit more luxurious. This was she really feels at home (and can relax) when she’s in her room.

New back pack
There’s no running to your locker to get a book you’ve forgotten, when you’re in college. The college student needs to have everything she’ll need easily at her disposal. A good backpack (or sturdy tote or messenger bag) is a college essential. It’ll need to be able to hold heavy books, a laptop, notebooks and pens and pencils.

Be sure to check out this shop:

Beauty & skincare
It’s unlikely your college student is going to have a lot of disposable income over the next four years. That means some of her favorite beauty or skincare must-haves may have to take a back seat. Why not treat her to some luxurious beauty and skincare products so she can feel a little pampered.

Check out these beauty and skincare shops:

Personalized accessories
If this isn’t your college student’s first time heading to school, it might be time to give a bit more sophisticated gift… especially if she’ll be heading out for internship or job interviews. Personalized leather accessories (such as a business card hold, journal or portfolio) make wonderful gifts and will have her looking quite professional when she goes out on interviews.

Here are a couple ideas from Giftbar:

Don’t be at a loss for what to give that college bound student in your life. She’ll likely be tight on cash, so stick with things that will ease some of her burden such as bed and bath essentials. You can also opt for some luxurious items to make her feel extra special… especially if she’s not able to treat herself to specialty beauty items or gourmet treats.

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