Sweater. Weather. The two words that could bring a smile to any true fashion lover’s face. Sweaters aren’t only soft, cozy, comfortable, on-trend, warm — sorry, we could go on and on, but we digress. Cashmere or wool, cardi or pullover… we’ll take one of each, please. We’ll just have to make a little space in our drawers. Anyone out there looking for some sweaters from last Fall’s shopping extravaganza? Probably the best thing about sweaters, though, is that LITERALLY anyone can wear them. Guys, girls, girls wearing guy’s — anyone. Now if only it were officially Autumn.

Side note: Damn you, pumpkin spice, for falsely declaring the beginning of Fall. Every. Year.

Completely Covered and Cozy

Sometimes, we need to cover our faces because of the wind, and sometimes, it’s because we rolled out of bed and didn’t have time for concealer (helloooo, dark circles). Unfortunately, it’s typically the latter. Before you start pulling your slouchy beanie all the way down to your chin, try an exaggerated turtleneck like this cape-facemask hybrid from w.port, one of Giftbar’s sweet new Georgia peaches. Wear it for the weather, though, and not to cover your stunning face. Cue the James Blunt!

Giftbar Atlanta | w.port Giftbar Atlanta | w.port


Zip It

Athletic wear for non-athletic people is “what’s cool” this season… besides the weather, of course (ba dum bump). Seriously, all the cool kids are wearing sneakers with pleated skirts and tapered sweats with stilettos, just open a magazine or scroll through a fashion blogger’s Instagram. Giftbar’s Nashville merchant, e. Allen, has a chic update on the varsity jacket you used to borrow from your high school sweetheart in stock; and it’s not only fashion-forward, but it also fits this time around.

Giftbar Nashville | e. Allen Giftbar Nashville | e. Allen


Borrowed From the Boys

Slouchy sweaters have never looked so… well… not frumpy. Sure lounging around with a cup of coffee and a magazine while wearing your guy’s sweater is totally sexy, but when paired with boyfriend jeans and slip-ons, the look can read dowdy. Purveyor of cool, Zooey, pairs this Cédric Charlier knit from Forty Five Ten with a metallic midi skirt for a look that’s anything but lazy. Take notes.

Giftbar Dallas | Forty Five Ten Giftbar Dallas | Forty Five Ten


The PSL Equivalent

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling… two things come to mind when we think “Fall”: sweaters and those quintessential lattes. Boston Giftbar-ian, Crush Boutique, feels it too, because this waffle-knit two-toned sweater needs to be in every girl’s closet. Just like that liquid gold needs to be in every girl’s hands. #PumpkinSpicedLife

Giftbar Boston | Crush Boutique Giftbar Boston | Crush Boutique


No Pants Party

If you wear pants when you’re in the privacy of your own home, you’re either a crazy person or you love to not bend your knees. (Hey, skinny jeans, how you doin’?). Well, what if we told you there was a way you could take the No Pants Party to the streets? If your mind was just blown, you’re either a guy, or you’ve never owned a dress, because females have been pantsless for centuries. This oh-so-sleek-chic sweater dress from New York Giftbar love, Haute Hippie, is just about as close to perfect as a sweater dress can be. And paired with those caged heels? We die.

Giftbar New York | Haute Hippie Giftbar New York | Haute Hippie


Before, During, and After Baby

News Flash: Pregnant women CAN be stylish! More importantly, maternity wear can be chic after baby, too. Fitted when you’re still bumpin’ and slouchy-chic when you’ve popped, these sporty-cool sweaters — see, it’s a thing — from maternity authority, Belly Dance, are begging to be paired with silky slouched pants and slip-on sneakers.

Giftbar New York | Belly Dance Maternity Giftbar New York | Belly Dance Maternity


After Baby Only

Oh, yeah, and that new baby? She can rock sweaters this season, too. You can thank Luxaby for keeping Chicago fashionistas-in-the-making snuggleable.

Giftbar Chicago | Luxaby Giftbar Chicago | Luxaby


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