Kirna Zabete New Soho NYC Store7

When the word came out that just shy of its quinceanera, Kirna Zabete, Soho’s mainstay for deliciously fun avant-garde designer duds, was relocating, we panicked. What would become of the original boutique’s beloved Lucite ceiling… pop art vibe… neon up-lighting?

We should’ve popped a Xanax right then and there. Of course founders Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley wouldn’t disappoint at their new digs, just a block and a half away.

Here’s the lowdown on NYC’s new must-visit downtown boutique:

Obviously we were fans of your original shop. So why did Kirna Zabete decide to relocate?
Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley: We’ve always had the same mission, to sell the most important designers of today and tomorrow, and we just didn’t have space for all of them at our old location. The new Kirna Zabête is on one street-level floor, allowing the collections to breathe. We’ll buy deeper into our current designers and we’re also excited to be adding new talent to the mix – including more than 25 new designers for fall.
Kirna Zabete New Soho NYC Store3

What are the biggest differences between the old store and new store?
BB & SE: We’ve grown up, and our tastes have evolved. We opened the original Kirna Zabete when we were 26 years old, the new Kirna Zabete at 477 Broome Street is a reflection of the women we are now.

Kirna Zabete New Soho NYC Store1

What’s your favorite thing about your new spot in the neighborhood?
BB & SE: Moving one block south in Soho seems fresher and cooler and more interesting.

Kirna Zabete New Soho NYC Store2

What are some extra special surprises we can find in the new space?

BB & SE: A wall of neon signs features prominently in the entryway, displaying our wacky, warm mantras including: “Leave looking lovely,” “Life is short, buy the shoes,” and “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn”.

Kirna Zabete New Soho NYC Store 4
Ok, 477 Broome in three words… go!

BB & SE: Warm, wacky, FUN.

Kirna Zabete New Soho NYC Store 5

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