The backpacks have been purchased, the healthy lunches packed, and mornings have even been–dare you say–calm. It’s safe to say that the 2012-13 school year is officially in session. Which means finally, you have a chance to breathe–and maybe even focus on your own syllabus for a change.

In the spirit of academia, we’ve dug around to find some out-of-the-box fall class offerings for the post-post-grad set in NYC. Get ready to earn an A+ in a whole new way.

New Fall Fitness Classes Adults NYC Soho Citibabes Bari Studios Box and BurnBox and Burn, Citibabes
Soho’s premiere family-plex provides top-notch activities and care for kiddies, while parents enjoy killer fitness classes and stylish adult-friendly happenings. This fall Citibabes is offering Box and Burn; put on those puffy gloves and get moving in ways designed to majorly increase strength and endurance. “You are either getting stronger, gaining endurance, getting more flexible, or increasingly tighter,” says Citibabes personal trainer Greg Mitchell Mayer of Box and Burn. “No one stays the same, ever.”


New Fall Classes Adults Brooklyn Williamsburg Baked Clay Ceramics BYOB

Clay (and BYOB), Baked
Of course Baked, Williamsburg’s pottery mecca, draws lots of hip little ones, but it’s also a great place for adults to flex their creativity–especially when vino is involved. A major highlight of their fall lineup (which includes a mother/daughter craft night, Halloween party, and autumn-themed mosaic nights) is their new Wednesday night clay class, where ceramic artist Dani Sigler teaches the ins and outs of handbuilding with wet clay. You’ll emerge with coil pots, sculptural pieces, and virtually anything your BYOB wine inspires.

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