You just got invited to a dinner party. You know you want to bring a small token of appreciation, but you’re not sure what. Sure, you could go the traditional route and bring a bottle of wine. That’s kind of boring, though, and if you’re not the only one invited to this party, the hostess is bound to get wine from someone else.

Why not get her a gift card? You may be thinking a gift card is not a unique gift. It can be with a little thought and some help from Giftbar.

At Giftbar you can select gift cards from many carefully curated merchants. After the party is nothing more than empty wine bottles, your hostess can select a gift perfect for her.

For ideas on gift cards for merchants with stylish gifts for the hostess, read on for more details.

Farm & Fable (Boston, MA)
Does your hostess throw a lot of parties? Does she enjoy spending time in her kitchen perfecting recipes? She’ll love a gift card to Farm & Fable. They specialize in both new and vintage cookbooks. In addition, they sell modern kitchen supplies (perfect for a new dish at her next party) as well as vintage kitchen items (great conversation pieces).

Give Me Some Sugar (Chicago, IL)
If dessert is your hostess’s favorite part of a party, consider purchasing a gift card to Give Me Some Sugar. This place is the dessert lovers dream. They offer awesome cake decorating and design classes. On top of that, they also sell every decorating supply you and your hostess can imagine.

Meru Coffee Farms
Okay, so the beginning of this post sort of poo poohed the idea of giving wine as a hostess gift. Maybe you think giving a gift card for coffee is just as unoriginal.

The cool thing about Meru Coffee? It was discovered when the company’s founder made a successful climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. While this may not be the best gift for just any hostess, if she’s a java junky treat her to a new blend. She’ll probably need perking up the morning after her party.

Maison 24 (Bridgehampton, NY)
To give your hostess the chance to select a top-of-the-line gift from a range of categories, get her a gift card to Maison 24. This stylish boutique is the design lover’s dream. They offer home furnishings, accessories for both men and women, music, books, art, well pretty much anything you can name.

Fire and Creme (Venice, CA)
Want to give your hostess the gift of worrying-free event planning for her next themed party? Get her a gift card to Fire and Creme. This event company provides customers with party boxes that contain all the supplies your hostess will need to throw her next shindig. Giving this gift is sure to get you on the next guest list.

Hush Nail Boutique (Chicago, IL)
Hosting dinner parties can be tiring. Give your hostess a gift that allows her to be pampered. Get her a gift card to Hush Nail Boutique. Here, she can be pampered with a facial, manicure and even a spray tan. This way she’ll look and feel her best for her next dinner party.

Hostess gifts do not need to be run of the mill. When you choose a gift card at Giftbar, your hostess is guaranteed to find glamour, fashion, function or whatever else she desires.

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