Assembly Salon LA Summer Beauty Hair Trends LA

For our calendar, summer is true godsend. Extra long beach days? Music festivals? Weekend trips? Yes please.

But for our hair and skin, the season proves otherwise. That’s why whenever we have the chance, we head straight to Beverly Hills to Giftbar LA newbie, Assembly Salon, the first ever braid and ponytail bar (how genius is that?), to be rescued from our viscous cowlicks, shiny skin, and other hot weather beauty woes.

Under the direction of founder Jessica Jekkel and hair artist Jacqueline Bush­–the woman who’s coiffed ‘organically glam and edgy’ manes for Gwyneth Paltrow, Faith Hill, and others–Assembly’s stylists have mastered more totally on-point looks for summer ’13 than we can count. Without further adieu, the team’s personal favorites:

Assembly Salon LA Summer Beauty Hair Trends 2013 From left to right:
The Zipped Up Top Knot. This style keeps your hair off your neck so you stay cool in the heat, but also provides major polish. It’s highly recommended for summer weddings.
The Crown Braid. This signature Assembly ‘do keeps your hair back and up, and is evocative of the free spirit of summer. It’s a cool girl look that is so versatile, especially if you keep it artfully undone.
The Beach Wave Blowout with Braids or Twists. Perfect for the beach as it keeps your hair out of your eyes, but lets the ocean breeze run through your hair, this style is so effortless and beautiful.

When it comes to makeup, Jekkel advises that although it seems counterintuitive to oil and sweat, we should moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! “The combo of keeping skin hydrated, and consistently using lip and face products with SPF provides the perfect canvas for shimmery highlighters, which give you that gorgeous, dewy glow,” Jekkel says.

And if you like experimenting with fun color, you’re in luck for summer. “This year, there are many great bright eyeliners that make your eyes pop,” Jekkel says. “Try gold for blue eyes, purple for green or hazel eyes, and blue for brown eyes. For the adventurous, try coral liner with hazel or brown eyes.”

Assembly Salon LA Summer Beauty Trends 2013 10
Summer beauty a la Assembly Salon

Summer soirees, bring it on.

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