As high school graduation season begins to wind down, it’s time to think about all those seniors who are about to once again become freshmen this fall. After a year of being top dog in high school, even the most excited college freshmen may feel a little dread about being at the bottom of the social ladder.

Why not get that new college student excited about going away to college with a gift card to help her prepare for her new adventure? Check out some of these merchants. One of these shops is sure to have your college-bound student eagerly awaiting fall semester.

Irv’s Luggage (Mount Prospect, IL)
The days of dashing to lockers between classes will be over for your new college student. She may be running across campus to make classes with no time to stop off at the dorm for a textbook.

A good bag for school will be essential. Give her a gift card to Irv’s Luggage so she can choose just the right back pack or tote to lug those school books around campus.

Village Paperie & Gifts (Chicago, IL)
Sending your daughter off to college this fall? Remind her to stay in touch with a gift card to Village Paperie & Gifts. Personalized gifts and stationary fill the walls here, offering your college-bound daughter the chance to select something unique to her.

The Detox Market (Los Angeles, CA)
College life can be stressful, especially freshmen year. New college students aren’t always making the best health choices. They’re too busy trying to fit and figure out the culture of their new surroundings.

Help your college bound student make smart, healthful decisions with a gift card to the Detox Market. Here she’ll find only products that are good for her such as Odacite Skin Care, VitaCare, Kusmi Tea and Lotus Wei.

Baked in Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
Some times the best way to help your college-bound student relax is to offer a distraction. Baked in Brooklyn is the perfect place. Give her a gift certificate here, so she can spend an afternoon loosing track of time while creating an her own original mug, frame, bowl or cookie jar.

Giftbar of Choice
Since your college-bound daughter is about to experience all kinds of new freedoms, why not give her a gift card that allows her to choose exactly the gift she wants. The Giftbar of Choice gives her the opportunity to select from any of Giftbar’s carefully curated merchants. It’s the perfect gift.

If someone you know is heading off to college for the first time this fall, give her one of these gift cards to help ease the transition.

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