You all have that celebrity obsessed friend in your life. She reads all the gossip rags and celebrity blogs. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that she tries to mirror her favorite celebs (or perhaps the characters they play) in the clothing and accessories she wears… and probably copy their makeup and hairstyles.

Here’s some tips on the perfect gift for that celeb-obsessed, glamour girl in your life.

What woman isn’t obsessed with finding just the right handbag? You know, like one of those chic handbags Olivia Pope carries. Nothing finishes off a look like a well made bag. That’s why your glamour girl friend will love shopping at one of these fashionable merchants:

For the woman who feels naked leaving the house without a pair of earrings, a gift card to a trendy and stylish jewelry shop is a must. Some of these picks have quiet the celebrity following, too!

Nothing says chic quite the way a well fitting dress can. Maybe your glamour girlfriend studies all the red carpet pictures and style sections of her favorite magazines. If that’s the case, she’ll love a gift card from one of these merchants. At one of these stylish boutiques, she’s likely to find the same brands and designers her fav celebs wear.

Don’t leave home without putting on your face? Or at least that’s her motto. Want to give your girlfriend the celebrity treatment? Give her a gift card to a beauty salon that carries all her favorite makeup brands.

If ever there was a haircut that swept the nation, it was probably ‘the Rachel.’ If you’re glamour gal friend has had ‘the Rachel’ or any other celeb inspired hairdos, there’s one place to send her for the celeb treatment: Rita Hazan in New York, NY.

Chic gift giving is made easy with a gift card to one of Giftbar’s stylish shops. At any one of these carefully selected merchants, even the most celebrity obsessed woman will find her own signature style.

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