Father’s Day is now officially less than a week away. That means if you have not started shopping for dad, you need to get on it! Giftbar’s here to help. Check out this round up of cool last minute gift card ideas for dad.

City Soles (Chicago, IL)
Does dad seem to have more shoes than mom? If so, he’ll love a gift card to City Soles this Father’s Day. Here he can select a pair of shoes with a bit of European flair. The shoes here are not just on trend, they are beyond the trends. Brands carried include: Coclico, Sendra, 2568 and Argila.

E Street Denim (Chicago, IL)
This shop boasts a collection of over 12,000 pairs of denim jeans for men and women. If dad needs a new pair of jeans, treat him to a gift card to this Chicago establishment. E Street Denim is the place to shop for denim anywhere in the country. Dad’s sure to find something cool and comfortable here.

Rye 51 (Dallas, TX)
Would you describe your dad as masculine? Does he enjoy a stiff drink from time to time and a pair of well-worn leather shoes? Rye 51 is the store for him. The focus here is on clothing that is both simple and timeless, just like your father. One of the coolest features, Rye 51 has their own whiskey bar. Dad will love shopping here.

Meru Coffee Farms
If dad starts off every day with a cup of coffee, gift him an environmentally sound and socially responsible coffee this Father’s Day. Meru Coffee was first found in 2010 when founder, Oliver M. Kramer, discovered it after a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Dad is sure to think this is one of the finest brews he’s had at home.

Giftbar of Choice
Not so sure what dad thinks is cool? You know what’s cool? Giving dad the freedom to choose whatever gift he’d like this Father’s Day. The best way to do that is with the Giftbar of Choice. This cool little gift card lets dad choose from one of Giftbar’s carefully curated merchants. This way he decides what’s cool and you look like a genius.

Don’t let any more time pass before you select the perfect Father’s Day gift. You can never go wrong with a gift card from any one of our merchants. If you’re unsure which merchant would best match your dad’s tastes, you can always let him decide with the Giftbar of Choice.

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