“Beep beep.” *Snooze*

“Beep beep.” *Snooze*

Sound like your typical autumn morning? #iWokeUpLikeThis is taken to a whole new level during the fall, mostly because it’s impossible to actually wake up. You know the feeling of waking up and having no idea what time of day it is because your thick curtains are blocking the sunlight and your cozy covers are pulled all the way up to your well-rested, won’t-even-need-concealer eyes? That’s the feeling of an ideal autumn morning. Now, if only he would bring you breakfast in bed… or at least a cup of coffee if he loves you a latte.

Rest your pretty little head.

The key to a good night’s sleep, a good day’s nap, or a good Netflix binge sesh is the pillow. Of course, plain old down pillows are the most comfortable way to lie, but you need to dress your bed up in its finest duds from time to time as well. The Snow/Gold Velvet Skull Throw Pillow from Giftbar’s New York merchant, Maison 24, is both soft to the touch and soft to the exhausted-fall-into-bed. It looks pretty—and pretty tough—when you’re not in bed, and it makes a damn good snuggle buddy when you are under the covers.

Maison 24 | Snow/Gold Velvet Skull Pillow | $190 Maison 24 | Snow/Gold Velvet Skull Pillow | $190


Neutralize the situation.

You have a Pinterest board titled “Dream Home” filled with photos of impossibly cozy boudoirs, and our Dallas love, Nest, has a store filled with the linens you need to make those pin-worthy dreams a reality. Because when push comes to shov…ing your toes deeper into the covers, your white fluffy down comforter and overstuffed pillows need a little something extra. Like a pattern. Enter the Missoni Home Federico Throw. All you need to know is soft and Missoni.

Nest | Missoni Home - Federico Throw | $395 Nest | Missoni Home – Federico Throw | $395

Chic in the sheets.

Another common theme on your Pinterest page and Tumblr dashboard is the utterly chic lack of color. And while this may sound negative, it’s actually perfect, because who can’t relax in a hotel-esque bed? The City Quilt from A+R in Los Angeles goes beyond the hotel. Not only does it fit with the all-white-and-neutrals theme of your dreams, but the quilting is done in a map design of YOUR city. So really, you’re chic in the sheets and in the streets…even when you’ve traded in your signature sidewalk strut for lengthy relaxation marathon.

A + R | City Quilt | $450 A + R | City Quilt | $450


The cozy scent-sation.

So this one isn’t exactly a linen (or a linen at all—plain and simple), but the Pipe Candle from Giftbar Boston’s PATCH NYC is the missing link in a chain of relaxation musts. Just imagine a blend of vanilla, bourbon, cognac, tobacco, and patchouli wafting through the air as you flip through your magazine, snuggled in bed (this is when smell-o-vision, or rather smell-o-screen would come in handy). Just don’t leave the flaming candle unsupervised while you drift into slumber. That’s a whole new, whole new level of #iWokeUpLikeThis.

PATCH NYC | Pipe Candle | $37 PATCH NYC | Pipe Candle | $37

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