With the popularity of so many cooking channels, food blogs and recipe sharing websites, we’ve become a nation of foodies. Most of you foodies may love to get out and experience the gourmet shops your city has to offer.

It’s also nice to be able to shop from the comfort of your home… especially when you are gift giving. With Giftbar, it’s possible to even shop for the foodie in the comfort of your own home. Check out this line up of great gifting ideas for the foodie… all at your fingertips.

The java junkie
For the foodie in your life that cannot go a day without a fine cup of coffee, give her a gift card to Meru Coffee Farms. This coffee is not your run of the mill cup of joe. Meru Farms is a small batch producer. Its supply is limited, so when it runs out you have to wait again until the next year.

Meru Coffee was first discovered in 2010 when Oliver M. Framer (Meru Coffee Farms founder) finished a successful climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This coffee is produced in an environmental manner and in a socially responsible way. There’s truly goodness in every cup.

Yummy grab & go food
If your foodie friend is always on the go, treat her to a gift card to Chicago’s The Goddess and Grocer. This way even when she’s in a rush, she can treat herself to a gourmet lunch or dinner on the go. The Goddess and Grocer offers gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, rotisserie chicken and artisanal cheeses just to name some of their offerings.

Designer desserts
Is your foodie friend also a sweet addict? She’ll be able to sink her teeth into something sweet at Los Angeles’ Modern Bite. More traditional sweets like cookies, brownies and cakes are offered in this bake shop.

Modern bite also has a flair for the more, well, modern desserts. They have super stylish designs on many of their treats sure to catch your eye.

Artisanal foods
Want to treat a foodie to delicious foods in Boston, MA? Give her a gift card to Olives & Grace. Brands offered here include Big Spoon Roasters, Lark Fine Foods and Liddabit Sweets. In addition to drool-worthy foods, Olives & Grace also offers workshops and tastings each month that are led by local craftsmen.

For truly handcrafted and artisanal chocolates, give the foodie a gift card to Chocovivo in Los Angeles. This is locally made, pure chocolate. One of the coolest things about chocolate from Chocovivo is it is made just as it was 2000 years ago.

All chocolate is stone ground fresh each week with lava stones. Chocolate this pure just can’t be bad for you, right?

These gift card ideas are sure to please any foodie you are shopping for. The best part– you don’t need to leave your house to get any of them!

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