Buying a gift for the wine lover can be tricky if not intimidating. This can be especially true if you are not a wine connoisseur. You can probably figure out that a box wine is not going to be a suitable gift for the true wine aficionado, but what would they appreciate?

Why not give the wine lover a gift card? This way he can go select a bottle of something he’s been dying to try. Or perhaps you can select a gift card to a shop that sells beautiful barware. Either way, these gift cards are sure to impress.

Urban Grape (Chestnut Hill, MA)
This wine shop is arranged by body. Your discriminating wine lover can come to this shop and head right to the section that best matches his tastes or a special dinner he’s planning.

If your wine loving friend wants help finding a new wine to love, the staff at Urban Grape is knowledgeable and helpful. Beer and liquor are also sold here… just in case you were mistaken and wine’s really not his thing.

Sawbridge Studios (Winnetka, IL)

A gift card to Sawbridge Studios may not get your wine loving friend a new bottle of red or white. What it will get him is the ability to shop for unique and handcrafted glassware. After all, you can’t drink all of that wine in just any old glass.

Domaine Somm
For the truly wine obsessed, give him a gift card to Domaine Somm. Domaine Somm’s mission is to provide wine lovers with a revolutionary way to discover new wines. This is a unique wine experience that allows the recipient to stock up their wine cellar or even take a wine tasting trip to Napa Valley.

Nest Casa (Bal Harbour, FL)
No doubt your wine lover probably has an eye for all things sophisticated. While a gift card to Nest Casa may not get him a bottle of wine, he will have the opportunity to choose some spectacular glassware. You have to serve the finest wine in the finest glassware. That’s got to be a rule somewhere.

Giftbar of Choice
Completely at a loss for what to get the wine lover? You can’t go wrong with the Giftbar of Choice. This gift card gives the recipient the opportunity to select from any of Giftcard’s amazing merchants! The Giftbar of Choice takes all of the gift giving pressure off of you.

Shopping for the wine lover does not need to be stressful when you are shopping at Giftbar. If you don’t want to select a specific merchant for the wine aficionado, consider the Giftbar of Choice for maximum flexibility.

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