Has your best girlfriend been in Olivia Pope withdrawal since ‘Scandal’ went on its summer hiatus. Perhaps she has sworn an oath to only consume red wine and popcorn until Olivia and the rest of O.P.A. (that’s Olivia Pope and Associates, for the rest of you) return in the fall?

To pull her out of her rut, you might try getting her a glamorous gift to remind her she’s got plenty of other things to get excited about this summer.

So, what to get for the ‘Scandal’ obsessed fan in your life? Read on.

Red wine

Red wine is Olivia Pope’s signature drink. It’s safe to say, if your girlfriend wasn’t drinking it before the show, she’s probably developed a taste for it by now. It’s an especially good idea to gift her a bottle on Thursday night, when she’d be watching her favorite show.

Not sure about your friend’s tastes in wine. Get her a gift card to one of these wine stores, so she can pick out her own bottle:

Wine glasses

If you’re getting your girlfriend a bottle of red wine to get her through her ‘Scandal’-less summer, it would be nice to get her some elegant glasses. Nothing says glamour like drinking your red wine from a large red wine glass.

Want to give your friend the chance to pick out her own set of glasses? Consider a gift card from one of these stylish merchants:

Popcorn maker

Okay, a popcorn maker doesn’t sound very glamorous. Since our heroine practically lives off the stuff that elevates its humble snack food status.

Sure, your girlfriend can throw a bag of microwave popcorn in the microwave and have popcorn ready in three minutes or less. Still, there’s something special about the taste of fresh, air popped popcorn that’s irresistible. Plus, you’ll recognize the ingredients you use to top your popcorn. Who knows what goes into microwave popcorn?

Clothing gift card

Aside from her red wine and popcorn, Olivia Pope is also famously known for her wardrobe. Like every other ‘Scandal’ fan, your girlfriend is probably fashion obsessed. While you may not know just what clothing item or accessory to purchase for her, Giftbar has you covered.

You will find a large selection of stylish clothing gift card options for your friend. She’ll be able to pick out a new coat for fall, a smart handbag or something else entirely. Here’s a list of a few chic merchants to get you started:

For the ‘Scandal’ obsessed, any one of these gift ideas would be a great way to help get her through her withdrawal this summer. All you need to do to select the perfect gift is think like a gladiator.

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