While Giftbar loves our guys, we must admit that we’ve got a pretty big thing for girl power as well. After all, aside from the fact that our founders are two incredibly smart and savvy female entrepreneurs, 86% of our merchants are women-owned.

So it was only natural that we team up with BlogHer, the blogging network totally devoted to making sure women’s voices are heard, to help make their annual conference extra fabulous.

Organized to perfection by former Essence editor/stylist Darlene Gillard Jones and her team at The Gillard Jones Agency, this year’s conference, themed “Half Woman, Half Amazing,” kicked off with a crowd-wowing talk from Facebook COO and founder of the Lean In organization, Sheryl Sandberg, whose words on “realizing whatever our individual dreams are and leaning on each other for the support you need to get there,” struck a chord for all present. Everything culminated in a glam event featuring a fashion show where real-life BlogHer members took it to the catwalk to strut their stuff in menswear-inspired garb.

Our task: to outfit each naturally gorgeous gal in a runway-ready look provided by Giftbar merchants.

Browse through the results in the slideshow below for an array of stellar style that comes in all shapes and sizes. We’re almost positive it’ll make you agree that when women help women succeed, the outcome is absolutely glorious.

[slideshow_deploy id=’366′]

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