You don’t need to spend a lot on a kid’s gift for it to be well liked and entertaining. This is especially true when you are shopping at one of Giftbar’s merchants. You’ll always find something unique that any kid will find truly special.

Whether you are looking for a birthday present or a just because gift for a special kid in your life, these merchants have you covered. Take a look at some of their best gifts all under $25.

Ocean Puzzle and Poster at Give Wink, $20

Give Wink Ocean Puzzle and Poster
This 200 piece puzzle also comes with a wall poster. It’s a great way to teach any kid about the ocean and all its exciting inhabitants. The puzzle pieces come in a reusable storage container. If you’re not sure if a puzzle is the perfect gift, try a gift card instead. Give Wink has plenty of awesome toys and games.

Sand Play with Green Pail at Norman & Jules, $23

sand play with green pail at Norman & Jules
Summer is nearly here. It’s time to get out to the beach and start playing in the sand and building castles. This pail set is the perfect gift for beach days. It includes a shovel, rake and castle mold in addition to the pail for easy carrying and storage. You can also opt to give a gift card so your special kid has a little more chose in what gift he gets.

Chewbeads Stack & Play at Lollie, $25

Chewbeads stack and play at Lollie
For the baby, select a gift he can really sink his teeth in. This silicone stack and play toy is perfect. While baby is having fun sorting and stacking, he’s unknowingly improving his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. A Lollie gift card is another great idea. It gives baby and parent the flexibility to choose exactly what they need or want.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug at Pumpkinheads, $19

Snug as a Bug in a Rug Pumpkinheads
Looking to teach cooperation? Give a game as a gift. ‘Snug as a Bug in a Rug’ is an award winning game that kids won’t get bored with. It doesn’t require any reading and can be completed in about 15 minutes. Players spin a spinner with the goal of matching pairs of bugs and slipping them under the rug. Worried the kid in your life isn’t ready for a game, give a gift card instead. Pumpkinheads has plenty of toys and clothing.

It’s not necessary to break the piggy bank in order to give a kid a great gift he’ll love. If these gift ideas weren’t just what you were looking for, don’t forget about giving a gift card. It’s a great way to allow a child to select something he really wants.

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