It never fails. You’re stuck in the middle of a very busy week. There’s a big presentation due at work. Your kids need to be taken back and forth for what feels like at least a dozen activities. Your dog’s gotta go to the vet. Oh and you just remembered you need a gift for your mother’s/brother’s/best friend’s birthday/housewarming party.

You get the picture. You’re stretched too thin and inevitably something fell through the cracks until you remembered it at the last minute. Regardless of how slammed you are, you still don’t want to give someone a gift that feels like you picked it up at the last minute.

Giftbar to the rescue! Check out some of these last minute gift ideas… all under $50! If none of them meet your needs, a gift card to any of the featured merchants makes a great gift, too!

The Original Magnet Frame 5” x 7”, $35 (Ashblue, Nashville, TN)
The Original Frame Magnet
This frame from Ashblue would make a great gift, especially for the recipient who’s always got beautiful photos to display. The frame is made of acrylic and really allows the photograph inside to be the main focal point. It’s held together with a magnet in each of the four corners. Simple and the perfect last minute gift. You can also select an Ashblue gift card.

Mr. & Mrs. Fox Salt and Pepper Shakers $48 (Art Effect, Chicago, IL)
Mr. & Mrs. Fox Salt and Pepper Shakers
These fun salt and pepper shakers would make a great hostess gift. Or even a fun housewarming gift for the person who loves to have whimsical items tucked throughout her home. These foxy shakers are made from brown stoneware with a white glaze. Art Effect gift cards are also available.

Coral & Gold Beaded Antler Necklace, $46 (Tess + Tricia)
Coral & Gold Beaded Antler Necklace
Nothing about this necklace will seem last minute when the recipient finds out antler tips are a sign of wisdom and courage. She’ll think you spent weeks searching for something with so much meaning. This antler tip necklace from Tess + Tricia is adorned with coral and gold seed beads. This piece hangs from a 28-inch gold filled chain. Tess + Tricia also offer gift cards.

Empty Pockets Small Tray – John Derian, $50 (Kisan, New York, NY)
Empty Pockets Small Tray
Perfect for your brother or another man in your life, Kisan’s Empty Pockets small tray is a great way to help someone organize at the end of each day. The tray is decoupage on glass by John Derian. It measures 5-inches by 3.5 inches and is made in the USA. You can also gift a Kisan gift card, if you wish.

Big Top Sampler, $44 (Salted Caramel)
Big Top Sampler
For anyone who loves sweets, give them Salted Caramel’s Big Top Sampler pack. This way they have plenty of this salty AND sweet treat to share. The recipient can choose any 6 circus size salted caramel treats. Gift cards are also available.

Don’t be embarrassed about showing up to a party with a last minute gift; not when it’s one of these fantastic ideas. Giftbar makes last minute gifting stylish, chic, practical and even delicious!

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