Crush on Roscoe Chicago Girls

Last week’s Take Your Daughter (and Son) to Work Day elicited some wonderful memories for us. If only our current careers had a little less business and little bit more coloring books and special lunches involved…

In honor of the recent holiday, we decided to chat with Jodi Hughes of Giftbar Chicago’s Crush on Roscoe trend-driven tween boutique — and her three daughters — to find out if the apple really does fall far from the tree when it comes to today’s chicest working women.

First, we decided to get a little insight about Jodi on the job:

What is the best part of your job?
Jodi Hughes: Watching the girls find something that they feel good in. Their faces light up and it’s so cool to see!

What is the worst part of your job?
Jodi: The worst part of my job is finding a balance to give my family what they need and give the store the attention it requires to be a success.

If you weren’t owner of a tween boutique, you would ______.
Jodi: If I weren’t doing this I would love to be an attorney.

What is the best career advice you give your daughters?
Jodi: The best advice I can give my girls is to get a good education and do something that you love… Because if you love it, it never feels like a job!

Bonus question: Could you give us a taste of the coolest new arrivals at Crush on Roscoe?

Jodi: For the tween party girl, Flowers by Zoe’s rose sequined and chiffon party dress… for women, Single’s great criss cross back jumpsuit [see both below].

Think Jodi’s girls plan to follow in the footsteps of their mom’s super-cool career? Read on to find out.

How old are you?
Hannah Hughes: 13
Leah Hughes: 9
Lexi Hughes: 5

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Hannah: Marine biologist.
Leah: Fashion designer.
Lexi: A singer.

What do you think is the best part of your mom’s job?
Hannah: I get to take clothes for free and bring my friends, who think I’m cool.
Leah: I get to pick out whatever I like and everyone tells me I’m pretty.
Lexi: I like the markers there.

What do you think is the worst part of your mom’s job?
Hannah: She isn’t home to drive me to my friends’ houses.
Leah: When she travels away from us.
Lexi: When I have to sleep without her.

Who do you think has the coolest job ever?
Hannah: Jacques Cousteau.
Leah: Miley Cyrus.
Lexi: Anna from Frozen.

Want to be adopted into Jodi’s super-cute fam? You’re not alone … luckily a gift card to Crush on Roscoe will get you that much closer (plus help you score a custom creation from the shop’s T-shirt bar and lots more on-trend spring outfits for you and your own daughters alike!). Check out Crush on Roscoe now.

single jumpsuit- crush on roscoe chicago

Flowers by Zoe - Crush on Roscoe Chicago


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