Everyone knows a super mom. She’s the mom who packs loving bagged lunches for her kids… maybe even with a sweet note tucked inside. She’s constantly running from ballet, to soccer practice, to play rehearsal.

Let’s face it, she’s probably got your kid with her, too. She’s completely immersed in her kids’ lives which often entails having at least one friend in tow, too.

For the super mom you know, reward her with a gift that’s all about her. A gift card to a luxurious spa is an awesome idea. She can enjoy a little time to herself, get pampered and feel totally glam afterwards.

For a super mani
If your super momma loves to keep her fingernails on trend (when she can find the time), give her a gift card to Chicago’s Astrowifey. None of the other soccer moms will show up with her manicure. All nail artwork is completely customized for the client and 100% original.

Celeb hair styling
New York’s Rita Hazan is the place to treat a super mom… especially if she needs an updated ‘do. Rita Hazan is best known as one of the world’s most sought after colorists. She’s helped create beauty trends and reinvent some of the most famous celebrities. Give the super mom in your life a gift card for the star treatment at Rita Hazan.

The eyes have it
Maybe your super mom doesn’t pay much attention to the latest hair or makeup trends. She might like a more natural or subtle look. The one thing she is obsessed about? Her brows. If perfectly shaped eye brows are her true secret beauty weapon, give this super mom a gift card to Kelley Baker Brows in Venice, CA. Kelley Baker is an arch artist and can help enhance your super mom’s natural beauty.

Eco-friendly momma
For the super mom who’s only into beauty regimes that are all natural and not harmful to the environment, give her a gift card to Follain in Boston, MA. All the beauty products sold here are clean, pure and eco-friendly. Follain’s products do not contain any synthetic chemicals. The focus here is on all natural ingredients for healthy beauty.

Spa treatment
To give a super mom the spa treatment, give her a gift card to Queen Bee Salon & Spa in Culver City, CA. They do it all here including: waxing, tanning, facials, nails, and well just about anything to make super mom feel like a new woman. This salon and spa also has quite the celebrity following, so who knows who your super mom could be getting her nails down next to.

Treating a super mom you know to some alone time and world class pampering is easily accomplished. All you need to do is to select the perfect gift card from one of Giftbar’s luxurious merchants.

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