How is it Memorial Day already? Woah.

While we’re annually ecstatic about the three-day gateway to summer, packing for the long weekend has proven a challenge time and again – until now.

From Chi-town to the Big Apple, we’ve combed through our boutiques to bring you stellar collections of get-out-of-town essentials for ladies and gents. As for all you organized people whose bags are already zipped, don’t worry. Our below picks have staying power through Labor Day and beyond.



Scarf, Kisan – NYC, $130; Weekender, Stewart/Stand Design Store – Brooklyn, $72; Sunglasses, Smith & Butler – Brooklyn, $138; Bracelet, Life: Curated – Brooklyn, $110; Shoes, City Soles – Chicago, $80; Shorts, City Blue – Chicago, $80; T-shirt, Edith Hart – Chicago, $64; Book, Lake Forest Bookstore – Chicago.




Shoes: City Soles – Chicago, $65; Shorts, City Blue – Chicago, $60; Book, Lake Forest Books – Chicago; T-shirt, Life: Curated – Brooklyn, $30; Sunglasses, Assembly – NYC, $37; Backpack, Smith and Butler – NYC, $440; Hat, Assembly – NYC, $134.


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