If you’re thinking checkered blankets, woven baskets, and bologna on white bread, you’ve obviously been stuck in the Mad Men era for a bit too long. Although we’re totally nostalgic for the glamour of the 60s, we definitely don’t miss the “typical” American picnic. It’s a whole new world out there, and outdoor soirees are all the rage. Think gourmet grub, a glass of your favorite red (or a brew for him), and, of course, a few toys for your trusty, four-legged companion. Picnics have been upscaled, so just in case you still have juice boxes and gingham on the brain, we’ve curated a list of picnic must-haves from a few Giftbar merchants, from drool-worthy bites to glam accessories. Our mission is to make “picnic” the new it-verb (we’re after you, brunch).

Family Fun in the Sun

Sure it’s pretty easy to just pack a few Lunchables for the kiddos and plan to munch on whatever they don’t finish (mommy diet tricks 101), but wouldn’t you much rather indulge in some fancy foods? The Goddess and Grocer — conveniently located in three Chicago neighborhoods — has the perfect picnic snacks for you and the fam. How about a Chicken Club or California Dreaming sandwich (both topped with avocado, of course) for you and the hubby? Plus, the kids can make their own sandwiches, since we all know how picky those little monsters can be. Finish the meal with some freshly-baked Giant Cookies for the kids and a glass of wine for the ‘rents, and we’d say your picnic is downright delectable.

Wine Selection | The Goddess and Grocer Wine Selection | The Goddess and Grocer

Dog Days are Over Here to Stay

So it’s a gorgeous summer day, but the girls are all out of town and your dating life is, well, let’s say slacking. No need to stay indoors, just take your pup on a stroll through the park and have your own mini picnic. Boston pet boutique, The Fish & Bone, has just about everything you need for your doggie date. The RUFFWEAR Hover Craft is the perfect toy to play catch with your furry friend, and as you enjoy your own snack while lying in the shade, your pooch can gnaw away on a treat of their own. Who needs boys anyways?

RUFFWEAR Hover Craft | $24.99 RUFFWEAR Hover Craft | $24.99


BRAVO! Thick Bully Stick 6 Inch | $5.99 BRAVO! Thick Bully Stick 6 Inch | $5.99

It’s a Picnic Party

Hosting a birthday bash in the park is a go-to way to celebrate the day, but grocery store cake and ice cream is, like, so last season. Modern Bite in L.A. is our favorite place to transform any party and take it to a whole new level of picnic-ing. The guys at this Burbank bakery create custom-designed cakes, cookies, and cupcakes with bright, bold patterns that will surely put the “festive” in festivity. No more packaged snacks and gloppy ice cream, because the sweet treats at Modern Bite are single-handedly making over the typical summer soiree dessert menu.

One Dozen | $42 One Dozen | $42


Dream Weave | $110 Dream Weave | $110

The New Glamping

Introducing the chicnic (that’s chic-picnic, FYI). It’s like glamping but for those of us who still have “sleeping in a tent” on our worst nightmare list. Picnics don’t have to be strictly daytime activities anymore, because a candlelit dinner under the stars sounds like a pretty romantic date night to us. The chicnic is all about luxury, and with the finds at Dallas home haven, Nest, your luxe night out will be perfectly posh. Make sure to pick up the ultra-handy Bar10der so you can pop the champy, a cozy Deco Throw Blanket, and some fancy-shmancy Ellen Ivory Candlesticks to set the mood, so you can spend the night star gazing… or just gazing into one another’s eyes.

Deco Throw Blanket | $110 Deco Throw Blanket | $110

Bar10der | $49.99 Bar10der | $49.99


Ellen Ivory Candlesticks | $265 Ellen Ivory Candlesticks | $265


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