For New Yorkers, the arrival of the CitiBike public bike sharing program brings a new lust for city living. After all, on summer days, riding with the breeze in your hair is exponentially better than sweltering on crowded subway platforms.

Luckily, there are super-cute ways to show your affection for the bicycle outside of your 30 minute ride. And they can all be plucked from DUMBO Brooklyn’s epicenter of giftable eccentricities, Stewart/Stand Design.

This handmade letterpress greeting card is designed and printed in Brooklyn. It’s perfect for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or just to say I love you. $5.50.
Shared-Path-Card-Stewart-Stand-Design-Best-CitiBike-Brooklyn-Dumbo-NYC-Accessories This laser cut greeting card is handmade in Portland, Oregon. It’s perfect for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, your best friend, or just to say I love you. $5.25.


Mini-Wallet-Bike-Stewart-Stand-Design-Best-CitiBike-Brooklyn-Dumbo-NYC-Accessories Handmade in San Francisco, this is the perfect compact mini-wallet to keep your pocket slim. It has an ID window and multiple slots to hold cards. $18.95.


Bicycle-Pin-Stewart-Stand-Design-Best-CitiBike-Brooklyn-Dumbo-NYC-Accessories Made in New York City, this super cute old-fashioned looking pin accessorizes your outfit or bag. $11.


Bike-Airplane-Stewart-Stand-Design-Best-CitiBike-Brooklyn-Dumbo-NYC-Accessories This is a fun bike accessory for all ages. $5.50.


Enlightened-Cyclist-Book-Stewart-Stand-Design-Best-CitiBike-Brooklyn-Dumbo-NYC-Accessories This is a true must-read for all you need to know about commuting by bicycle in NYC. $16.95.

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