A lot of June brides are going to be celebrating with bachelorette parties in the near future. Bachelorette parties aren’t really a traditional time of gift giving, especially if you are not a close friend of the bride-to-be.

If your best friend’s getting married and your attending her bachelorette party, you might decide to buy a little something just for her to wear. After all, it’s a girls night out.

You might not be comfortable giving her a slip or nightie in front of her mother or future-mother-in-law, but the rules all change the night of the bachelorette party. Maybe a little something sexy to wear under her wedding dress. Or something for the wedding night? Okay, you get the picture.

Still, you might not be certain what kind of lingerie she likes. You may not discuss bras and underwear all that often. Why not choose a gift card for your best friend turned bride-to-be that she can use at a glamorous and sexy boutique. This way she can select what she wants. Check out these ideas:

Brooklyn Fox Lingerie (Brooklyn, NY)

One of the best features of this boutique is its commitment to finding styles that compliment every figure. Brooklyn Fox Lingerie also carries the sort of items that will help your bride-to-be bring out her inner vixen. Some of the luxurious brand carried here include Cosabella, Hanky Panky, Huit and Simone Perele.

Forty Winks (Cambridge, MA)

This upscale boutique is about sophisticated elegance that is only known by the wearer. The lingerie featured here is more understated, so if the bride-to-be is not the type of girl to select wild bras and undies, this is the place for her. Allowing your best gal pal to select the right pieces from Forty Winks can help her feel confident on her wedding day.

Eberjey (Miami Beach, FL)

For the bride who wants to be pretty yet comfortable, a gift card to Eberjey could be just what she needs. This Miami boutique features lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes.

Their whole philosophy is based around the idea that “the layer worn closest to the heart” should be something that makes a woman feel both beautiful and comfortable. Could anything be more important on one’s wedding day?

Bloomers (Alexandria, VA)

Give the gift of beauty and comfort. Bloomers is a boutique that will help the bride-to-be feel flawless on her wedding day and can also offer her many comfortable selections for the honeymoon to follow. If your best friend isn’t one for ultra sexy lingerie but still looks for feminine touches, she’ll be pleased with a gift card to this boutique.

Lingerie is a personal gift to give. Even if you’re shopping for your best friend’s bachelorette party you may not be exactly sure what she’d like. Play it safe and get her a gift card to one of these ultra chic boutiques. She’ll be grateful for the gift and the opportunity to pick out the pieces that will make her feel her very best on the big day.

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