Need a gift for your best friend? If you two have been through thick and thin together, you probably take gift giving with her very seriously. Consider giving your best friend a high end gift card for your next gift giving occasion.

The gift card has two distinct advantages:

  1. Your best friend can pick out a gift she truly wants.
  2. You can pick out a chic gift card from the comfort of your own home.

So, what kind of things is your best friend into? Take a look at the categories below and some tips for high-end merchants.

Glamour Gal
Would you describe your best friend as someone who has an effortless style about her? She always looks well put together… like she stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. Her nails are always well manicured, too, and a hair is never out of place. Oh, and her makeup is flawless. Your best friend is a glamour girl. Consider a gift card to one of these fashionable and glamorous merchants.

Does your best friend read a cookbook cover to cover the way most people read a mystery novel? Is she into experimenting with new and unusual ingredients in the kitchen? Perhaps she’s even one of those people who likes to snap a picture of her meal in restaurants. You’ve got a foodie friend. Lucky for you, here’s a list of great merchants to make your best foodie friend happy.

Accessory Lover
If your best friend finds her jewelry, bag, shoes, scarves, etc. just as important to her outfit as the outfit itself, she’s an accessory lover. Don’t be intimidated by her love of glitz and glamour and fine leather handbags. Instead, embrace it. These high-end merchants are sure to have her next favorite accessory waiting for her.

You can shop at home for a high-end gift for your best friend. Giftbar makes it easy, with a selection of gift cards to insanely stylish merchants. You’ll know she’s getting something she’ll love whether she’s a glamour girl, foodie or accessory lover.

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