It feels like just yesterday we were sitting in a salon chair, begging our stylist to do whatever had to be done for our locks to achieve ‘The Rachel.’ Crazy to think that in reality, that happened twenty years back, around the same time that Sine Qua Non, Chicago’s continually top-rated salon, first opened its doors for business.

“Sine Qua Non as a brand has evolved so organically over the years,” says the salon’s founder, Laura Boton. “We are known as one of the best places to refine and develop new stylists into real artistic professionals. We share our knowledge and experience with others through education, which also fuels our growth and passion from our craft.”

Even though a ton has changed since Sine Qua Non‘s inception, the salon’s dedication to freedom, flexibility and creativity in a positive, supportive work environment has remained the same. Nonetheless, a little trip down memory lane never hurt anyone…

Sine Qua Non Salon - Chicago's Best Hair Salons 1 Sine Qua Non’s first location opened its doors on August 18, 1993. “We loved it so much that we opened more locations,” says Boton of the ultra-warm space.
Sine Qua Non Salon - Chicago's Best Hair Salons 2 Between her studies at DePaul School of Music and involvement in rock bands to this day (Check her out above jamming with a red guitar at the Birdnest in 1998!), Boton holds a strong musical background, which explains why she’s always found inspiration in rock ‘n roll style… That, and her adorable pup Shasta.


Sine Qua Non - Chicago's Best Hair Salons 4 We love how this multi-decade compilation of Boton’s styling feels totally relevant today. Our favorites include the slick, masculine look she did for her Bumble + Bumble prodigy/mentor/muse Howard McLaren; and the super hip bangs she cut for her sister-in-law (both above).


Sine Qua Non - Chicago's Best Hair Salons 5 As its styles and talents have matured, so has Sine Qua Non’s branding as evident in this signage evolution.


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