Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to… wear to show that I still care about Halloween without looking like a clown. Literally. So what if it’s not “socially acceptable” for you to wear a tutu to work or a cape to after-work drinks? There are still understated ways to show off your spooky style come October 31. Just take it from these Giftbar merchants.

Boo-nus: They’ll still be relevant in November, unlike the orange jumpsuit you bought for your Crazy Eyes costume.

The Monster Inside of Your Bag

The easiest way to embrace the holiday (any holiday, really) is to invest in an item that you can use all year long AND happens to be festive when Halloween rolls around. No one has to know you didn’t actually buy it for one day only. Exhibit A: the Fendi Monster iPad Sleeve from Kirna Zabête. Whimsical, festive, and Fendi — the only three things you need to know. *drops mic*

New York | Kirna Zabête | Fendi iPad Sleeve New York | Kirna Zabête | Fendi Monster iPad Sleeve


The Monster Inside of His Pocket

Alert: He can embrace Halloween too… without looking like he really cares. (Even though he was the one who proposed a couple costume this year). The Monsters pocket square from Giftbar’s resident DC dude shop, Hugh & Crye, shows off his style and his spooky side. It’s a huge improvement upon the Jack-o’-lantern tie circa his fifth grade Halloween pageant, right? We thought you’d think so. And while you’re there, maybe pick up a dress shirt that actually fits him, you know, to replace the shirt that he wore with the tie. Or keep both if you really want him to look scary. ‘Tis the season.

DC | Hugh & Crye | Monsters Pocket Square DC | Hugh & Crye | Monsters Pocket Square


The Bad B*tch Lip

It’s time for “How to embrace the Hallow-day (howl-iday?) without going overboard 101.” Bold lips, duh. Whether you’re planning to dress up as a vampy vampire with a bright red lip, or you want to look festive in your day-to-day life when you’re not surrounded by adults in costumes, Gee Beauty — Giftbar Miami mavens and authority on all things beauty — has the shades for you. We suggest a peachy orange for an relevant and trendy look. It’s just the right amount of orange without crossing the border into “I just ate an entire bag of candy corn” territory.

Miami | Gee Beauty | Gee Beauty Cosmetics & Accessories Lipstick Miami | Gee Beauty | Gee Beauty Cosmetics Lipstick


The Bad W*tch Mani

Taking a risk is a lot easier when it’s easily retractable. Although, we put on our psychic costume and looked into our crystal ball, and it doesn’t look like you’ll want to remove your creepy (yet totally chic) mani from Giftbar Chicago’s Astrowifey any time soon. No one likes spiders (at least sane people, anyway), but don’t you want these gold embellished crawlers on your tips? We never thought we’d say this… but we sure do. The mani is totally Bey-esque, too. Yep, we looked again and we see a Mrs. Carter costume in your future. Mostly because you can’t be her every other day. The ultimate ugh.

Chicago | Astrowifey | Manicure Chicago | Astrowifey | Manicure

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