Fall fashion is the best fashion. Can we get an amen? There’s no other season in which wearing a sweater that could double as a tent with a scarf that could double as a blanket is considered “on trend.” So, yes, of course Fall is any rational fashion junkie’s favorite season. So up and Autumn, ladies. Throw on those booties, bundle that scarf up to your ears, and top it off with a chapeau, because it’s time to stock your shoe closet again with this year’s must-have styles.

We can already hear the sound of leaves crunching beneath your newly bootie-d feet.

This one is a neutral.

Ignore the haters, because as anyone fluent in fashion knows, leopard print and nautical stripes are considered neutrals. While you may have already started folding away those striped tees (along with memories of weekends spent on the water… RIP summer), leopard print is “in” every season. Well, at least by our standards. These sexy Joie stilettos from Giftbar merchant, The Perfect Pair in Nashville, will surely put a bit of va-va-voom in your step. Sorry, did we say “a bit?” Because we meant a lot. So much va-va-voom-ness. Pair these heels with your favorite LBD and a blowout and watch the fellas drop dead like the leaves on the trees.

Joie | The Perfect Pair | Nashville Joie | The Perfect Pair | Nashville

This one is a splurge.

What’s better than the smell of cinnamon apples, the taste of pumpkin spice, and sound of crunching leaves? The colors, of course. Trees aren’t the only ones decked out in deep reds and mustard yellow this season, because our closets are being taken over by the colors of Fall as well. The Mrs. Colin bootie from Giftbar’s Dallas darling, The Office of Angela Scott, is equal parts sophisticated and on-trend, and the scarlet red color puts an autumnal twist on the booties you’ve been wearing all year long. We’re totally obsessed, because if there’s one thing we can never get enough of, it’s boot scootin’ booties.

Mrs. Colin | The Office of Angela Scott | Dallas Mrs. Colin | The Office of Angela Scott | Dallas


This one is for him.

What’s hotter than a guy that can pull off a suit? A guy that can pull off a suit AND casual wear. Acing your weekend wear is tougher than you think, fellas. (Trust us, we’re the ones who read fashion magazines). So what if we told you that you could wear sneakers without making us cringe? We love these hi-top sneakers from Giftbar’s Chicago merchant, Apartment Number 9, because while they’re casual and comfortable enough for him, they’re still stylish enough for her. These tennies definitely have our stomp of approval.

Maison Martin Margiela | Apartment Number 9 | Chicago Maison Martin Margiela | Apartment Number 9 | Chicago


This one isn’t for the gym.

Hold up. We’re not talking your seventh grade gym class sneaks that are for some reason still hiding in the depths of your closet. Those ARE for the gym. Better yet, those are for the trash. We’re talking chic kicks that you could wear to brunch with a leather skirt and chunky knit, or for shopping and coffee with distressed denim, a tee, and a blazer to class it up. The Sam Edelman Dax sneakers from Lori’s in Chicago may look like trainers, but combine the gold color with the normcore trend, and you have yourself a pair of sneakers you won’t be embarrassed to wear with every item in your closet. Three cheers for THAT.

Sam Edelman | Lori's Shoes | Chicago Sam Edelman | Lori’s Shoes | Chicago


This one is an Olsen triplet.

If Mary Kate and Ashley had a triplet, it would be these loafers. Paired with face-sized shades, wavy hair, and a Starbucks cup (in true Olsen fashion), these Tibi Denni Loafers can easily be transitioned from your morning coffee date to the office. They’re ultra-luxe and will add a sophisticated twist on the most basic of Fall ensembles. Think: boyfriend jeans, a cozy cardigan, and a wide-brimmed topper — all from Tibi, preferably. Layers paired with a sensible, yet stylish, shoe? We think the style icons would approve.

Denni Loafers | Tibi | New York Denni Loafers | Tibi | New York


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