Shopping for baby clothes isn’t always easy… especially if you have not previously done it. Sizing can seem very confusing. What do you mean the baby may not wear a size six month outfit when she’s six months?

Save yourself the worry about whether you’re purchasing a practical outfit for baby and stick with a gift card. This way mommy can pick out an outfit she wants and needs.

A gift card from any of these merchants is sure to make mom happy… and the new baby highly fashionable.

B Friends (Deerfield, IL)
The new momma will have the trendiest baby at mommy and me with a gift card to this children’s boutique. The store carries newborn and toddler clothing as well as fashion sizes 4-6x. Mom and baby can shop here for years to come. The brands featured include Sofi, Dori Creations and Firehouse.

Hank & JoJo (Brooklyn, NY)
Think your mommy-to-be friend is carrying a hipster in training? Hank & JoJo is the shop for her. This boutique carries unique and fun organic cotton onesies. They are also famous for their Retro Tube Socks. Baby will look just adorable wearing them.

Coco Baby (Boston, MA)
Mom will be jealous of her baby for wearing outfits this cool. Coco Baby features such brands as Margery Ellen, IKKS, Petit Bateau and 3 Pommes. The clothing here is all hand-curated and includes clothing, outerwear, shoes and yes, even accessories for baby.

Apple Seed (Alexandria, VA)
Not only will baby be stylish, but mommy-to-be can be as well. Apple Seed not only sells top-of-the-line baby clothes, but they also feature sophisticated maternity wear and accessories for mom. Does she have a diaper bag, yet? A gift card here will guarantee mom and baby will be equally trendy.

Don’t let those confusing baby sizes stop you from getting that mom-to-be a really great baby gift. Instead opt for a gift card to a stylish baby boutique.

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