Greer Chicago Thank You Card 2It goes without saying that at Giftbar, we love gifting–and of course, receiving–presents. And while we know thank yous are always necessary, we have to admit that sometimes we’re unsure about how to properly express gratitude in the age of email, texting, and voicemails.Greer Chicago Thank You Card 1

Greer Chicago Thank You Card 6Luckily Chandra Greer of the eponymous, magical Old Town paperie was happy to point us in the right direction. “A thank you note is obviously essential when one receives a tangible gift,” she says. “However, I think we tend to forget that a person’s time, concern, or advocacy is a gift as well, and it’s always appropriate to send a note in these situations, too. I know some think a thank you email or text is sufficient. I am not one of them. Any gift requires time, thought and resources and should be responded to with something that at least approximates the effort that gift represents.”

Greer Chicago Thank You Card 4

As for what goes inside a thank you, Greer advises to always put some personality into it. “You can be funny, sentimental, creative, any tone that’s appropriate for the situation,” she says. “For example, when writing a thank you note for an interview, express sincere appreciation for the interviewer’s time but also subtly shore up any parts of the interview that could have been stronger. If one views thank you notes as a form of creative expression–or strategic communication in the case of an interview–they become a lot more fun and interesting to write.”

Greer Chicago Thank You Card 5

Um, have you ever been more excited to write a thank you? Because we certainly haven’t.

Ms. Greer, our sincerest gratitude.

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