Glitz and glamour are two things that are definitely “in” every single season. Whether you’re one to attend daily arm parties, rock more bling on your digits than a brass-knuckle fighter, or your ears are arguably made of precious metals, you’re the one all your girlfriends go to when their ensemble feels a bit bare. That’s right… we’re talking jewels, gems, bits, baubles, and everything in between. Giftbar merchants are trendsetting extraordinaires, so here are our tips for making sure your autumn outfits are as sparklingly Instagram-worthy as your weekend brunch.

1. Keep it delicate

For those glammed-up gals who don’t necessarily like to make a statement with their jewelry but seriously love a fist full of bling. Giftbar, celeb, and fashion world fave, Jennifer Fisher, is the be-all end-all for everyday jewelry with sentiment and stackability… every piece is trendy and timeless. What more could you want from a splurge? You may have to give up a week of soy lattes and night of drinks or two, but these delicate treasures will have your digits sparkling and your eyes twinkling with dreams of more Jennifer Fisher jewels. Le sigh.

Jennifer Fisher | LA |NYC
Jennifer Fisher | LA |NYC

2. Think outside the engagement ring box

All the single ladies (all the single ladies) — this trend is for you! Stick those left hands in the air and shake them back and forth, because engagement rings are no longer exclusive to brides to be. Before you think we’re totally crazy, we’re not suggesting getting down on one knee in front of the mirror and proposing to yourself with a sparkling cushion cut. Think outside of the typical ring finger stunner and start embracing one-of-a-kind rings complete with a pearl or your favorite stone. Mystique Jewelers in D.C. has showcases upon showcases full of precious sparklers that might get mom to stop nagging for a while. At the very least, your fingers will be happy. Our suggestion: don’t wear your purchase on the left side… be proud of your singledom, ladies! You and your new ring are both ***Flawless. (Sorry, we’re still on a Beyoncé high).

Mystique Jewelers | DC
Mystique Jewelers | DC

3. Stick to one earring

That’s right, the one-sided look isn’t just for the rebellious teenage boy with the lonely stud on his left lobe. One of the biggest jewelry trends this fall is rocking a statement earring on one side and keeping it simple on the other. Luckily for those Chicago chicsters out there, Winifred Grace has the gorgeous eye-catching earrings your lobes need to stay on trend this fall. Rock a circle bronze stud on the right and a long paddle earring on the left, toss your hair over your shoulder to show ‘em off (and for a touch of sass), and you’re ready for a head-turning night on the town. The best part? You get two pairs of earrings out of the trend. Umm, score!

Winifred Grace | Chicago
Winifred Grace | Chicago

4. Or deck out both sides of the lobe

So you’re not into the idea of mixing and matching. After all, if not done correctly, the look could come off as sort of “walk-of-shame-y.” Luckily, there’s another earring trend taking over the fashion world this fall, and it’s all about making a statement when you enter a room… and when you walk away. These Givenchy stunners from NYC trendsetter and tastemaker, Kirna Zabête, are all-around on trend. Forget the typical earring back, because you’ll want to show off the double-sided glory of these crystal studs. Bonus round: they’re magnetic, so even those gals who never took the infamous middle school trip to Claire’s for a piercing can try this trend. Obsessed.

Kirna Zabête | NYC Kirna Zabête | NYC


5. Make a statement

This trend has been around for a while, but who isn’t OK with it? Statement necklaces are statement makers and outfit savers, perfect for a going out look to stun your guy or with a soft grey tee and dark wash denim to dress up your usual casual garb. Boston’s M. Flynn has the necklaces that will have you singing “Ice Ice Ice Ice Ice Baby.” Yep, we’re talking more ice than Sir Vanilla himself.

M. Flynn | Boston
M. Flynn | Boston


6. Stack city

It’s never been more cool to wear a ring on every finger (don’t you love when fashion faux pas become street style staples?). Giftbar merchant and jeweler extraordinaire, genius, mastermind — we could go on and on — Ellie Jay Jewels has stacks on stacks of rings just waiting to be rearranged on your digits. The look is totally street style savvy and glam grunge, meaning your fists will be trendy, indeed.

Ellie Jay | Chicago Ellie Jay | Chicago

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