The weather may be getting colder, but your home is about to get a whole lot warmer. Oh yeah. While the temperature’s dropping and the leaves are changing and toes are once again hidden away in your new booties, your home is still decorated for the heat of summer. Time to ditch the bright colors and patterns and embrace neutrals, knits, and spicy scented candles (the best kind if you ask us). Sweater weather is our favorite time of year, so it’s pretty safe to assume your home likes to be warm, cozy, and stylish in Autumn as well. Cue the listicle!

Literally warm.

That’s right. Your home loves sweater weather too, and what’s the homey equivalent of a cozy cardigan? How about a blanket that looks—and feels, of course—like your favorite chunky Fall knit. Task New York has knitted cotton throws in classic seasonal neutrals that will add a comfy flair to any (ahem, every) room in your place. Now… if only we could find the sweater version of these.

New York | Task New York | Task


Nickel and dimed.

Even if your home is already warm enough temperature-wise (thanks, inactive air conditioners and overactive heaters… ugh), you can still decorate for the season. No sweat (well… maybe a little). New Chicago Giftbar merchant, Maze Home has stunning Silver Nickel Wire Bowls that can hold decorative candles, autumnal decor, or a few handfuls of candy corn. Yes, it’s FINALLY candy corn season.

Chicago | Maze Home Chicago | Maze Home


Hide and seek.

Another way to warm up your home is to just add a layer of fur. No, literally. We’re not kidding. The African Market Cowhide from AshBlue in Nashville will certainly feel warm on your toes when tiptoeing across the hardwoods trying to get to your coffee. And if you imagine the rug placed under your ottoman, feet kicked up and fire kindling, how can you not start craving pumpkin pie?

Nashville | AshBlue Nashville | AshBlue


For your coffee.

Coffee never tastes better than it does during Fall, after playing in the leaves and coming inside from the brisk wind. Actually, it probably tastes better in these mugs from White’s Mercantile. Each mug is designed with a term of endearment, so not only will the coffee cup warm your cold hands, but it will warm your heart as well. Awwe.

Nashville | White's Mercantile Nashville | White’s Mercantile


For your cup.

Well, now that you have all those mugs, you need a place to set them. You can’t go wrong with these leather coasters from DC bespoke experts, Sterling & Burke. They’re seasonal (in every season, no less), stylish, and classic. Like “will last a lifetime” level classic.

Washington DC | Sterling & Burke Washington DC | Sterling & Burke

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