Wedding Night Keep Calm and Do Not Disturb Courtesy of

The vows were said, the songs were played, the cake was cut. Now go ahead you two lovebirds, and consummate that marriage!

Since we can all agree that fabulous lingerie is half the fun of post-nuptial bliss, we picked the brain of Alexis Isadora Schoenberg, founder of the Williamsburg lingerie trove Brooklyn Fox, for the best pieces to pack in your modern day trousseau.

First off, what are the biggest trends in wedding and honeymoon lingerie that Brooklyn Fox has been seeing lately?
Alexis Isadora Schoenberg: While there will always be the woman who wants the structure of a corset or waspie on her wedding night, we’ve seen an increased number of brides looking for something that feels un-restricting and comfortable. We’ve seen an increase in women trading in corsets for long-line bras, of which we are big fans for their support and mobility. Luckily at Brooklyn Fox, we don’t think a bride should have to choose between comfort and sexiness, so we curate the store not only by what looks good, but also by what feels great on the skin and offers support without being suffocating.

How do you guide a bride to her best honeymoon lingerie styles? Does honeymoon locale play a role?
AIS: We tend to make recommendations based more on the flavor of the bride-to-be than on her honeymoon location. That being said, the honeymoon destination can say a lot about a woman.

Most brides tend to be some combination of traits, and no two foxes are exactly alike. Most women also have some inclination as to whether or not they want to wear white, a negligee, or if they want to break the mold of what they normally would wear and use the occasion to really go all out.

[Based on Brooklyn Fox’s expertise, we put together this nifty cheat sheet to matching a bride with her perfect lingerie.]

Bride Type
: Outdoorsy
Stats: Enjoy the tactile sensation of natural fibers against her skin.
Lingerie Recommendation: The simple elegance of a Salua cami and panty set, or a chemise and robe in cottons and silks.

Bride Type
: Glamour Girl
Stats: Would sooner be caught dead then without her lipstick on.
Lingerie Recommendation: Something more fashion forward from the modern designs of Lascivious or Marika Vera.

Bride Type
: Classic
Stats: Likes Audrey Hepburn, bouquets of peonies, and appearing sophisticated without looking stiff or dated.
Lingerie Recommendation: A more traditional set, like the Simone Perele Romance demi, thong and garter, or the Glacee bodysuit by Mimi Holiday.

Garters: Are they in or are they out?
AIS:While some brides are opting out of the traditional garter toss, many still hold this one down!Garter-Brooklyn-Fox-Williamsburg-Best-Wedding-Honeymoon-Lingerie

We love the garters by Sherry Et Cie for their little details – a “something blue” bow, a delicate lace, or a pearly gem. They’re all handmade and you can really feel the love that was sewn into them.


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