Motherhood is a special time in any woman’s life. It’s a time to slow down (as counter intuitive as that may sound) and enjoy the precious early days of a new life. Sure, mom’s life is sure to get hectic in the not too distant future.

While baby is demanding a lot of mom’s time now, a newborn is not doing too much. This gives mother and baby the chance to really bond.

If a friend or family member of yours has just become a new mother, you may want to commemorate this special time in her life with a gift. Gifts for new moms generally fall into two categories: gift for baby or gift for mom.

Whether you are shopping for the newborn or the new mom herself, here are some thoughtful gift ideas to welcome mom and baby home.

Ideas for the newborn baby

A lot of new moms can feel overwhelmed by all the things a newborn baby needs. It certainly won’t go unappreciated if you pick out one of these thoughtful gifts for the new mom you know.

Monogramed blankets
Now that baby’s arrived, you know her name and can purchase some personalized gifts for her homecoming. One nice gift idea is a monogramed blanket. Mom can wrap baby up in now and save it later as a keepsake to remember those early days.

Layette set
Looking for a gift that covers all the bases for a new mom? Pick out a layette set for the newborn. This way mom has plenty of hats, onesies, pants, mittens and whatever else she needs.

For fashionable baby clothes, consider a gift card from one of these merchants:

Children’s books
It’s never too early to read to children. In the early days of life, baby will find the sound of mom’s voice comforting as she reads her newborn a story. Your best bet is to select a couple short stories for mom and newborn to share together.

Ideas just for mom

It’s certainly appreciated when you purchase gifts that help with baby. Don’t forget about the new mom. She probably could use a little pampering.

It’s fun to buy the newborn baby plenty of pajamas in all sorts of configurations but the new mom would probably love some new pjs herself. After spending time in the hospital, it will be nice for her to have some comfy pjs to slip into when she’s able to catch a few winks.

Elegant picture frame
For those extra special photos, mom needs an extra special frame to display them. Pick out an elegant frame, so she has some place special to put a picture of her newborn. This is a particularly good idea for a new mom who will have to return to work in a few months.

Spa gift card
This gift may not get used right away, but when it does the new mom in your life is bound to be thankful for it. Plus, if might be just the nudge she needs to get out when she’s ready and pamper herself.

Here’s some ideas for rejuvenating spa gift cards:

Regardless of whether you buy a gift for baby or just for the new mother you know, it won’t go unappreciated. The first few weeks of new motherhood can be just as hectic as they are sweet. With these tips, you are sure to pick out a thoughtful gift to make any new mom happy.

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