June just happens to be the most popular month out of the year to get hitched. That means, if you’re invited to a wedding this year, there’s a pretty good chance the wedding could happen this month.

Gift giving is a big part of the wedding custom. These days, there seems to be more and more celebrations surrounding the actual wedding day. You can become confused about what party or event you need to bring a gift to and how much to spend.

One such pre-wedding celebration is the bridal shower. So what are the rules about how much to spend on a bridal shower gift? Here are some guidelines to help keep your budget in check.

1. The averages
The average price people spend on a bridal shower gift is somewhere between $25-$75.

2. It’s not one and done
If you buy a gift for the bride at her bridal shower, you still have to bring a wedding gift. Purchasing a gift for one event doesn’t mean that’s the only gift you buy.

3. Look at the whole wedding celebration
These days, being a wedding guest isn’t just about showing up the day of the wedding with a gift in hand. Weddings have become celebrations with separate events. The actual wedding day is the culmination of all these other celebrations. The bridal shower is just one event.

Wedding guests really need to come up with a budget of how much they are going to spend on the entire wedding. A good rule is, a bridal shower gift should be about 20% of your entire wedding gift budget. The rest of this budget would then go toward the engagement and wedding presents.

4. Pool your resources
One way to purchase a more impactful bridal shower gift without killing your wedding budget is to pool your money with a group of friends also attending the shower. This way you can purchase the bride something more expensive without feeling like you can’t spend as much on a wedding gift and the other costs associated with attending the wedding.

Don’t let the gift-buying associated with wedding celebrations hamper your fun. Follow some of these guidelines to help you purchase a bridal shower gift that won’t break the budget.


  • most people spend around $25-$75
  • if you buy a shower gift, you still need to buy a wedding gift
  • set a wedding budget and allocate 20% of that to the shower gift
  • pool your money with other shower attendees so you can buy a more expensive gift

Lastly, it’s important to remember you don’t have to stick to these rules. Do what feels comfortable to you based on the your relationship with the bride. Depending on how well you know her and her husband-to-be can also play a factor in how much you spend on shower and other gifts.

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