Okay ladies and gentlemen, it’s the middle of June and perhaps you have been invited to a slew of summer weddings. In fact, maybe you are beginning to feel like the ONLY thing you will be doing this summer is attending wedding after wedding.

While this post doesn’t claim to be able to free you up from your wedding attendance obligations, it will provide you some tips on engagement gift giving. Yes, some people not only give the bride and groom a gift on their wedding day but also when they announce their engagement.

When should you give the bride and groom an engagement gift? Find out with these tips!

Invited to an engagement party?

Believe it or not, gifts are not required if you’re invited to engagement party. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a gift. It certainly would be appreciated by the newly engaged couple.

A gift card to one of these Giftbar merchants would be a wonderful way to celebrate an engagement:

Relationship to bride and groom?

If you’re a close friend or family member of the bride and groom, an engagement gift is appropriate. Again, one is not required. In some cases, those selected to be in the couple’s wedding party may also decide to purchase an engagement gift for the happy couple.

Take a look at some of these gift card ideas to celebrate the engagement announcement:

Don’t stress if you know a couple recently engaged. You aren’t obligated to purchase an engagement gift, especially since you’ll have to shell out some dough for the wedding itself.

If you decide you want to treat the newly engaged couple to something special, the Giftbar of Choice is another wonderful idea. It allows them to select a gift from one of our awesome merchants. This way they can get something they really want or need for their new life together.

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