For some women, it’s not so much about the clothes as it is the accessories. The accessory loving woman thinks of her clothes as a blank canvas which she embellishes with shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats and any other accessory she can find.

It might be intimidating to shop for someone like this. Maybe you think she has every imaginable accessory. Or maybe you’re afraid you don’t know her tastes well enough to select a gift she’ll love.

Lucky for you, Giftbar has you covered with a collection of fashionable merchants. All you have to do is select a gift card to one of the stylish boutiques. Here’s a list of ideas to get you started.

Embellish (Chicago, IL)

The name of Embellish sort of says it all when it comes to the accessory lover. That’s pretty much what she wants to do, embellish all of her outfits with the latest accessories. The best part about this boutique is that every item has been handpicked.

Barb, the shop owner, has every kind of accessory a girl could imagine. From belts, to handbags, to bracelets and earrings, it’s all here. Some of the brands carried include: 31 Bits, Joy Accessories and Stellar26

Bishop Boutique (Alexandria, VA)

When your friend arrives at this boutique, it will feel like she’s opened the door to her dream closet. The motto here is that every accessory loving girl should have a handbag for each day of the week and shoes to match!

The latest shoes and handbags are sold in this upscale shop from designers such as LK Bennett, Ivanka Trump and Elaine Turner.

Respice (Miami, FL)

If the accessory lover in your life has a penchant for unique pieces with an interesting story, a gift card to Respice could be the perfect gift. This store curates accessories from around the world that are made by independent designers. Who knows, a gift card here might even inspire your friend’s next travel destination.

Frieda and Nellie (New York, NY)

Frieda and Nellie is a jewelry boutique that caters to the accessory lover with a bit of an eclectic style. Two best friends, Sarah and Stacy, design these pieces. Fittingly, they create knotted friendship style bracelets by hand and then pair them with vintage jewelry pieces for a truly unique look.
In addition to their signature bracelets, Frieda and Nellie also offer earrings, necklaces and hair accessories.

The accessory lover in your life has a lot of fashionable and unique options available when you give her a gift card to a Giftbar merchant. She’s certain to find her next favorite necklace, handbag or whatever her accessory of choice is at one of the merchants mentioned. The best part is with these picks, she’s unlikely to run into anyone else sporting her accessory.

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