Who’s the bookworm in your life? Chances are you know at least one person who is devoted to reading. The bookworm purist is not only a reading enthusiast, but he also prefers the smell and feel of a genuine book over the trendy eReaders a lot of people carry.

If you’ve got a book lover on your gift list (regardless of the occasion), here’s a list of gift ideas sure to make him want to pick out his next book and start reading.


If bookmarks conjure up images of cheap paper and plastic strips with yarn tassels hanging off of them, well, bookmarks have come a long way. Some are made of pewter, others are magnetic. Many bookmarks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find a special one that speaks to your book lover’s other passions or interests. Or, find him one that’s sturdy and certain to last for years to come.


No one wants to see their book collection leaning or falling over on their shelves. Why not pick out some special bookends to keep your bookworm’s collection upright? Bookends certainly don’t need to be boring and can speak to the personal tastes of the bookworm on your gift list. Consider bookends made from semi-precious gemstone slices. Or you might prefer a pair that are the initials of the recipient.

Unique book storage

For the bookworm who loves to display his extensive collection, consider unique storage options. This can include anything from custom bookcases to one-of-kind shelves you build yourself or commission a wood artisan to create.


The book lover on your gift list has a fondness for the written word, right? Chances are they probably like to write, too. That’s why a journal is the perfect gift idea for the book lover. It gives him a place to record is thoughts.

Maybe your book lover needs a place to keep a list of books he’d like to read. Or perhaps he likes to record favorite passages from books he’s reading. If your book lover is an avid writer in addition to a reader, he might like having a place to record ideas he has while reading. This makes a journal a great gift option.

Reading light

Once some book lovers have a good book in their hands, they cannot put it down. They find themselves reading into the early morning hours, long after the rest of us have gone to bed.

Has the book lover on your shopping list told you of late nights reading his latest favorite mystery? If so, get him a reading light so he doesn’t have to strain his eyes to read in the middle of the night.

You’ve got a number of gift ideas for the bookworm, but perhaps the ultimate gift for the bookworm might be a gift card to the Lake Forest Book Store in Lake Forest, IL. This will allow him to choose one or more books to add to his collection. Plus, a gift card completely eliminates the worry of whether or not you made the right selection.

Looking to offer total freedom for the bookworm? Checkout the ‘Giftbar of Choice.’ This awesome gift option allows the recipient to stumble across his next great read at any of our carefully curated merchants.

Whether you want to select a more personalized gift for a bookworm you know or give them a gift of choice at Giftbar, you can’t miss. These gift ideas are sure to make any bookworm eager to crack open their next great read.

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