Dog lovers are a special breed (pun intended). They have boundless passion for their four-legged companions and want to share this enthusiasm with everyone around them. Whether the dog lover in your life is celebrating a birthday or you just want to say thank you, here are some unique gift ideas to consider.


Dog artwork is everywhere. Your imagination can really run wild here, because just about any type of dog artwork you can imagine is probably available.

Paintings of specific dog breeds are readily accessible. You can also commission a portrait of your dog lover’s own pet. Numerous pieces of wall art and sculptures are also sold through various merchants to please any dog lover.


If your dog lover happens to be a woman, there isn’t anything sweeter than a piece of jewelry to commemorate her pooch. There are many options available. Some allow you to take a dog’s nose or paw print and turn it into a piece of jewelry.

Another option is to find a jewelry artist who can create a piece of jewelry in the likeness of your dog lover’s pooch using photographs of the dog. Then your dog lover can always have her faithful companion with her.

Home Decor

Maybe the dog lover in your life likes to accent their own with remembrances of the canines they love so much. One very nice gifting option is an accent pillow that features dogs or a humorous saying about being a dog lover. You could also choose a humorous sign she can hang in her entryway or in the yard.

The kitchen is another fun place for doggie gifts. There is a variety of dog themed dinnerware and glassware that would make for fun conversation pieces.

Looking to give the pet lover in your life some choice? Maybe you can’t decide if you want to buy her something to commemorate her pooch or something for her dog. Here are three gift card ideas perfect for the pet lover.

Dog-a-Holics (Chicago, IL)

The best gift for your dog lover might actually be something for their pet. A gift card to Dog-a-Holics Daycare & Service Facility allows your dog lover to choose the services that fit their needs: daycare, training grooming or play time. There’s also a very chic doggie boutique here with a wide array of products for your dog lover to pamper their pooch.

The Modern Dog (Venice, CA)

This pet boutique offers a selection of pet and lifestyle accessories that are meant to compliment the dog lover’s lifestyle. Rather than have accessories and other merchandise that stands out in the home, the products carried here blend in to the dog lover’s lifestyle.

Fish & Bone (Boston, MA)

If the pet lover in your life owns a pampered pooch, a gift card to Fish & Bone is the perfect choice. They offer a large selection of stylish accessories for dogs. They have fun patterned collars and matching leashes. A true dog lover wouldn’t have a mis-matched leash and collar for their pooch, would they?

Fish & Bone also offers an extensive collection of healthy dog food options.

With these gift ideas for the dog lover, you have a number of ideas at your disposal. You can opt for a more personal gift that you choose yourself, such as artwork, jewelry or home decor. If you’d rather allow your dog lover a little more freedom, you can purchase a gift card from one of the trusted merchants mentioned.

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