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On the gift front, Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday to navigate. After all, nobody wants to be caught giving drastically more–or less–than their partner.

Wondering how to avoid the awkward zone? Simply stick to our handy guide below*.

Dating for Less than Six Months:
Forget presents and enjoy some fancy cocktails together. Avoid cheesy prix-fixe restaurants and hit up a swanky spot like The Paramount Room (Chicago).

Dating for One Year:
Pick up a nice bottle of vino at Urban Grape (Boston), some artisanal ingredients from somewhere like The Goddess and the Grocer (Chicago), and enjoy a romantic night in. Making a meal can lift your relationship to the next level.

Together for Two Years:
Show how much you’ve gotten know each other’s tastes. Nab her a fun piece of M. Flynn (Boston) jewelry, and him a unique accessory like a hat or leather wrap bracelet from a store like Respice (Miami).

Together for Three to Five Years:
Luxuriate and relax with a couples massage at an upscale spa like Haven (New York City) or facials at Gee Beauty (Miami).

Together for Five Plus Years:
Keep it spicy and book a luxe room at a hotel in your city, or someplace totally new. When you’re there, of course slip into some sexy lingerie from Brooklyn Fox (NYC).

Together for Ten Years Plus:
Celebrate your union by investing in something you will both love for ten more years, like a sensual piece of vintage furniture from Coco Blanca (Washington, DC).

*Note: at any stage of any relationship, a beautiful bouquet of flowers should definitely be involved!

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