Being a bride is definitely not easy. And those who disagree are definitely lying. That said, there’s no debating that the journey to the aisle has its perks. Case in point: choosing wedding bands and other related baubles.

We asked Erin Gallagher of the eponymous Lincoln Park, Chicago bauble boutique to shed some light on the process so when it comes to shopping, fiancés can focus on having full-on glittery fun.

Gallagher explains selecting wedding bands as “an opportunity for the bride to stylize her new bling.” Accessorizing an accessory? Now that’s language we can speak.

For those clueless on where to start, Gallagher recommends that new brides create a Pinterest board of favorite looks. Then think about whether you plan to wear your band with the engagement ring, sport it solo, and how hard you are on your jewelry. “Once a bride determines style and function, the rest is easy!” she says.

Erin Gallagher Lincoln Park Chicago Wedding Bands Women “Some center stones are set high enough to leave room for a straight band to slide underneath, allowing for a matched band that looks ok on its own.” – Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher Lincoln Park Chicago Shadow Wedding Bands “Ask yourself, do you want to wear your band with the engagement ring? If yes, look into a shadow band which follows the contour of your ring exactly. They typically have a slight bend or notch in them to account for the center stone, which means they look a bit off when worn solo.” -Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher Lincoln Park Chicago Pave Wedding Bands “If you’re not hard on your jewelry, go for pave or micro-pave. But beware that anything pave is strictly for soft wearers! Pave rings are the equivalent of your finest knot Missoni. That being said, I love this look! It’s completely worth the maintenance in my book.” – Erin Gallagher

When it comes to your guy, Gallagher stresses the importance of trying, trying, trying. “Most men aren’t used to wearing rings, so for him the most important thing is comfort,” she says.

ErinGallagherChicagoMensWeddingBands “Personally i like men’s bands simple with a matte finish. I recommend 14K gold in either white or yellow. There are cheaper metals like Tungsten and Titanium that have a great look, but men should be aware of their properties before buying. For example Titanium cannot be cut off, so if he’s a handy guy and his ring gets caught … well, that’s bad news.” – Erin Gallagher

Like Erin Gallagher Chicago, many jewelry shops are also prime places to snap up presents for your bridal party. As a general guide on how much to spend, consider the amount that each bridesmaid is shelling out for you: Are the bridesmaid dresses you chose $400, and your bachelorette is in Mexico? Or are you buying the dresses, and saying sayonara to singledom with a dive bar pub-crawl? Gallagher also reminds us, “It’s a gift, so no matter your budget, try to thing of something that your ladies would really love.” For something super personal, Erin Gallagher’s online shop offers a nifty design tool that lets you create a custom trinket.

Erin Gallagher Chicago Bridesmaid Gifts Custom Jewelery “Anything personalized is a massive hit with the maids, with monograms being the most popular.” – Erin Gallagher

After all, anyone who walks down that aisle better do it in style.

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