Cheers, lads and ladies! And happy St. Paddy’s Day. Now, we know what you’re thinking… “I already had my fun last weekend, so I’m treating today like #TuesdaySnoozeday, not #TuesdayBoozeday.” Fair enough, old chap. But there are still tons of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day sans endless pitchers of green beer. Say it with us: Unique local gift cards.

1. Beermiscuous

Surprise, surprise. Beer doesn’t have to be green on St. Paddy’s Day—even beer snobs can celebrate with a drink(s). So if you know the lad or lady won’t go for any old brew of the green variety today, send them a cool gift card to this Chicago craft beer cafe to get them feeling hoppy. Green dye not included, though highly encouraged.

2. Meru Coffee Farms

We all know that the best cure for a hangover is adding a little kick to your morning beverage, and lucky us, today also happens to be National Irish Coffee Day. We like to celebrate this day more than once a year, but for the one who takes their national holidays seriously, a gift card to Meru Coffee Farms will get their St. Paddy’s Day festivities brewing. Tie the gift card to the handle of a mug (complete with this totally accurate Etsy decal) and hide a tiny bottle of whiskey inside for the complete package.

3: Jack Schwartz Importer

What goes better with a beer than a fresh cigar? Well, other than a pot of gold, nothing. Try slipping this local gift card inside a cigar box from this Chicago shop so your giftee can feel extra lucky… and go back for more after finishing the first box.

4: Chicago Style Golf

There isn’t a die-hard golfer in the world who doesn’t dream of chipping away at courses in Ireland. The country is paradise for avid golf lovers. We’re not suggesting you fly your giftee across the pond for St. Patrick’s Day (unless you found the end of the rainbow), but a unique gift card to Chicago Style Golf can get them back in the swing of things before the season really amps up. You know, know that spring has finally sprung. ‘Bout time.

5: Notable Nails

If your girlfriend isn’t the biggest fan of the color green and isn’t quite ready to take the full leap and dye her hair a bright shade of leprechaun red, send her a gift card to Notable Nails so she can decorate her digits for the holidays. A festive manicure is totally non-committal and will look great in her green-beer Instagram shots. (C’mon… we all do it).


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