Unlike Miss Del Ray, we certainly do not have that summertime sadness (still love you, Lana). Summer is the season all about traveling, sunbathing, and most importantly, sipping fruity cocktails on the beach in our teeny bikinis. Well, at least that’s how we all envision it. The reality is, no matter how glam, fab, and instagram-worthy you picture your summer to be, there’s always the kiddo in the backseat whining, “are we there yet?” Sigh…they’re just so cute though!

The secret to a fun-filled summer with the tots? Keeping them entertained with super fun toys that will get them out and about or stimulate their creativity. No one likes to be bored, especially kids with attention spans the size of that bikini you wish you had the time to wear — and the bod…green juice and yoga won’t magically transform us into Beyonce. Again, sigh.

These are some of our favorite toys from our fabulous merchants, nationwide. So, not matter where your summer adventures may take you, you’ll know you have a place to put your gift card to good use and keep the little one entertained! They’ll never put these suckers down.

1. For the tiniest tyke
This one’s for you, Chi-Town ladies and babes. The Picnic Pal ($54) from Giftbar fave Luxaby, is the oh-so-sweet new friend to add to your cutie’s collection. Choose between Bunny, Cubby the bear, or Lamby and just feel your heart melt as the little one tries to share their watermelon slice with their new BFF.

picnic pals

Picnic Pals | $54 each

2. Your new summer jam
Do you have a musician in the fam? Or maybe just a strong feeling your kiddo will be the next big thing on the radio? (Come on, we all do it). Gift them a Harmonica for Beginners ($12.95) from our Chicago merchant, Little Threads, and listen while their musical talents blossom. Our advice: you might want to pick up a pair of earplugs for yourself…they’ll be obsessed with trying out new tunes!

Harmonica for Beginners
Harmonica for Beginners | $12.95

3. Lots of laughs…and learning (yay!)
Of course, summer isn’t all about keeping them busy as momma has some well-deserved fun…get in on the action and spend some quality time with your little love with the Tickle Monster book set ($32) from our new NYC fave Wyatt Lily! Read through this fun book and share a few giggles with your cutie. They’ll head back to school at the top of their class for sure.

Tickle Monster

Tickle Monster | $32

4. Cast a colorful spell
Is your tot a fan of the wizarding world…or just has a vivid imagination? Let them go crazy with the Design Your Own Wizard Wand kit ($46) from LA’s notorious children’s boutique, Eggy. They can paint and glitter-fy the wand to their heart’s content, and when their masterpiece is complete, they can cast spells until they simply can’t wave their arms anymore.

Design Your Own Wizard Wand

Design Your Own Wizard Wand | $46

5. Scooting in style
Bringing it back to dreaded bikini season, most moms need a way to both go for their morning run and keep a close eye on the kid. Enter the Maxi Micro Kickboard ($140) from our Miami merchant Give Wink. They can scoot right alongside you as you get into tip-top beach-bod shape. They’ll be zooming so fast, you’ll be sweating to catch up the entire time. Talk about a workout…and a fun time for the tyke!

Maxi Micro Kickboard

Maxi Micro Kickboard | $140

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