Listen up, guys. Seriously, grab a pen and paper and look away from the game for just a minute. Hanukkah starts tomorrow, and if you want to be on your main lady’s nice list this year, we suggest you give the perfect gift: The gift of eight gifts. Yep, that’s one gift for each day. Just follow our guide and we promise, your Hanukkah will end with a kiss.

Day 1

The dress. The idea behind this whole “8 Days of Gifting” idea is that it ends with a big romantic gesture. We’re talking the kind you see in movies. The plan? Gift her a drop-dead gorgeous outfit to wear on your Day 8 surprise (we’ll get to that later). Start with the dress—like the Lanvin Jersey Mini with ostrich feather trim from Kirna Zabête. It’s fun and dressy, so perfect for a night out on the town.

Day 2

The coat. This is New York in December, after all. The Kelby Mohair Coat from fashion mastermind Tibi is warm, classy, and would look divine with the dress “you” chose. We’ll keep this gift guide our little secret, shall we?

Day 3

The bag. No outfit is complete without a bag—we can’t just stuff everything in our pockets like you can. Plus, she’s sure to use the Jerome Dreyfuss Bobi Bag in Black Python from Kisan probably every day for the rest of her life… It’s a classic.

Day 4

The shoes. You may not know this (read: you definitely don’t know this), but one of the 10 Commandments of Fashion is pairing simple shoes with a statement dress. Wrap up the Schutz Cadey-Lee Strappy Heel from Big Drop NYC for her to open on day four, and you’re halfway there. Stick with us.

Day 5

The jewelry. Statement jewelry, on the other hand (literally), can be—and should be—incorporated into every sexy lady’s look. FLAT 128 is New York’s authority on statement jewels, so we highly suggest the Pigeon Grasp Claw Ring by designer Tessa Metcalfe. Note: Don’t go with a necklace, her dress comes with built-in baubles.

Day 6

The nails. She probably already knows about Paintbox, so send her a gift card to the high-design nail studio for an on-point manicure and pedicure to complete her date night look. Reminder: Her shoes are strappy, hence, her toes are showing.

Day 7

The hair. The whole look will finally be complete with a stylish new ‘do. That means sending her a gift card to Rita Hazan for the look of her choosing. She’s seen the whole outfit at this point, so she’ll know what to do. Keep the suggestions to a minimum on this one.

Day 8

The big finale. Dinner, a show, dancing… This one’s totally up to you. You know what she likes. Wink.


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